Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t really get any sleep? Are you trying to be a morning person but you end up hitting snooze for 45 minutes before waking up? You might need to improve your sleep quality. Here’s how to get a better night of sleep!

Can't sleep? Try these tips for a better night sleep!

Historically, I’ve been a bad sleeper. I’m not sure how it’s possible to be so bad at something that literally requires you to just lay there and do absolutely nothing… but I was. As a little kid it took me forever to fall asleep and once I got to high school, some nights I just wouldn’t sleep. I don’t know how I functioned like that… but I did.

Thankfully though, I’ve gotten much better at sleeping. (Yeah, I’m finally good at the whole close your eyes and act like your dead thing. Go me!) Admittedly, I’m a high-maintenance sleeper. I kind of need everything just right. (Alex would probably tell you that’s a huge understatement. What can I say, I have a complex routine.) But getting a few things in order before I start snoozing is totally worth it.

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Block out noise… or find the right noise. White noise has been a game-changer for me. I started listening to white noise when I first moved to Richmond and it’s just been so soothing. For the kid’s rooms, we have white noise machines. For our room, I use this app for white noise!
  2. Stop sleeping in on the weekends! I know it’s tempting to “catch up on sleep” but our bodies don’t work that way. They can’t “store up sleep” in a camel hump. Waking up earlier on the weekends helps me fall asleep at a somewhat normal hour which helps me stick to a schedule. I almost always get up  between 6:30-6:45 on weekdays and 7:00-7:15 on weekends. It still feels like “sleeping in” but it’s easier to fall asleep at night.
  3. Create a bedtime routine. Doing the same activities just before bed can help you wind down. For me, I brush my teeth, put on a little moisturizer, roll on a bit of lavender essential oil, and journal or read for a few minutes before my head hits the pillow.
  4. Keep the essentials by your bed. I keep tissues, water, and chapstick on my nightstand because those are the things I’m most likely to wish I had when I’m almost asleep. There’s nothing worse than being almost asleep and then having to get out of bed for a sip of water. Keeping these things close by means you don’t have to totally wake yourself up just for something little.
  5. Wear blue light blocking glasses, especially in the evening. I was gifted a pair of blue light blocking glasses from Pixel Eyewear and I’m obsessed. I like reading on my iPad before I go to sleep, so these glasses are a must. I keep one pair by my bed and one pair at my desk!

Little changes can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep. And quality sleep will help you wake up feeling rested. You might be a morning person after all!

Are you a “good sleeper”?

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