I’m a creature of habit. Which is strange, because I also get bored easily. I guess what I mean is, I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it… until I get bored… then I want to do something else. Sounds reasonable, no?

There are certain things that I have to do each day… or I’m… a bit grumpy.

1. Coffee

Don’t mess with my morning coffee. I need a cup of java + almond milk + truvia. Otherwise, I’m in a haze the rest of the day.

2. Breakfast

You probably think this goes hand in hand with the coffee. But it doesn’t. Breakfast is not just this deliciousness:

(Although if I’m ever out of bananas, almond milk, truiva or peanut butter. I’m super sad because that bowl of awesomeness can’t happen.) Breakfast also must be accompanied by the Wall Street Journal. I must read the paper while eating my breakfast. Call me an old man, but it’s true. And no, the online edition is not the same. I need to spread out that not-so-eco-friendly paper. Deal with it people.

3. The gym

I’m actually really consistent with my workouts. It’s pretty rare that I miss a day at the gym. However, I don’t always push myself at the gym. That’s the bad part of this habit. Just because my butt is at the gym, doesn’t mean that butt is really getting a workout on.

4. Music

I pretty much have to have music on no matter what I’m doing. Cleaning, working, exercising, driving… I don’t like silence. I like to tell myself that music helps me focus, but that’s probably a lie. I actually just like dancing in my head. (Or bouncing on my exercise ball at work, as the case may be.)

What are some of your habits? Good ones, bad ones, share them!

<3 Liz