I’m not even going to talk about how fast this summer is going. Luckily I feel like I’ve been making the most of the sunshine and warm weather, with so many things going on around Richmond.

woman holding a glass of beer
You may have seen it on Instagram, but I visited Trapezium Brewing Co. the last two weekends in a row. It just opened in Petersburg, Virginia, about 25 minutes south of Richmond.

brewery pizza kitchen
They have a bunch of different beers on tap, a huge pizza oven, and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. If you’ve ever been to a brewery around Richmond, you know seating can be hard to come by.

glass of beer in foreground, brewery in background
I tried most of the beers they had on tap but I’m definitely partial to the Lemon Honey Ginger and the White Ale.

oven-fired pizza
We also tried one of the wood fired oven pizzas and the crust was that perfect balance of chewy and crispy that can only be made in a wood burning oven.

beer-making equipment
Alex and I got a whole tour of the operation and it was pretty impressive how much beer they can make!

beer tasting flight on a tray
You’ll start to see Trapezium on tap at a few places in Richmond, including Capital Ale House, Supper, Cary St. Cafe, Friday Cheers, the Diamond, and a few other local spots so keep an eye out for it!


Speaking of trying new things, On Saturday I went to a weight training class taught by my blogger-friend Gabby. Yes, weights.

woman in a gym with weights
I’ve worked out fairly consistently for most of my life but I’ve honestly never been big on weight training. You can usually find me holding on to some 8lb dumbbells or pedaling on the elliptical. Truthfully, I’ve always been kind of intimidated by weights. I’m never sure if I’m doing it right! This was definitely out of my comfort zone but since Gabby was teaching this class specifically for beginner women like me, I decided to go. I’m so glad I did! We covered everything from how society views strong women to what you should eat to build muscle. Oh yeah, and we lifted weights!

woman doing squats with a barbell on shoulders
I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone because I learned a lot. I knew to keep my weight in my heels and my chest up, but I didn’t realize that I wasn’t squatting down far enough. I always stopped before my hips really got in line with my knees. Once I dropped it a little lower, it was actually easier to get back up. We also learned how to get into position, where to position the bar on your back, and how to spot each other. I honestly really loved it and I think Gabby is going to teach another class soon, so I’ll definitely be signing up for that! I’d really like to incorporate more weights into my routine.

If you follow Gabby on Instagram then you might have seen a peek of my baby muscles.

I might have some work to do. 😉

Have you tried anything new this summer?

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