A couple of weeks ago, “Sampling Shockoe” was in full swing down in Shockoe Bottom, which meant that a group of restaurants had a set 3-course menu for $30. The girls and I decided to try 2113 since none of us had been there before, and we’d heard a lot about it. Despite the lackluster UrbanSpoon reviews, we wanted to give it a chance.

It was a little hard to find, since the outside doesn’t have a lot of signage, but when we walked in, the atmosphere was really nice. It’s a very “trendy” place, and they were very accommodating when we requested to sit out on the patio.

After looking at the menu, I decided I would just get an entree, rather than the whole 3-course meal, since the 3-course meal really wasn’t much cheaper, and I wasn’t hungry enough for a lot of food. I settled on the Gnocchi.

A lot of the girls got an appetizer, and the clear favorite was this:

mac and cheese

The Macaroni and Cheese looked amazing! It had meat in it, so I didn’t try any, but every girl at the table absolutely loved it! A couple girls got the squash blossoms (pictured below) and I was told they were pretty good.

wine, appetizer, and entree

We also ordered a few bottles of wine. I didn’t have any, but everyone else at the table really enjoyed it.

When the main course arrived, I was a bit disappointed to find that my entree was a very small serving. (Maybe I should have gotten all 3 courses.) But I love gnocchi so I was still excited. It was supposed to have a ricotta-tarragon sauce, but it seemed to just be floating in oil.


The texture of the gnocchi was good, but the sauce was a disappointment. It just tasted like oil. It also had an interesting mushroom mixture on top, but I’m not a big fan of mushrooms, so that wasn’t my favorite.

Stephanie and Jamie got the Surf & Turf (pictured in the second photo) and both agreed the surf was good, but the turf wasn’t. Rachel got the beef and the rest of us got the gnocchi.

When we finished, I think they could tell that we weren’t thrilled with the food, since we didn’t finish it, and it clearly wasn’t due to portion size. The staff was super nice and multiple people came to our table asking for feedback, which we politely gave.

Overall, the experience was a little disappointing. The atmosphere was awesome and the people were super nice. I did appreciate that the staff was genuinely looking for feedback, and the waitstaff was very sweet! I really wanted to love the food, but it probably wasn’t a place I’d recommend. However, if you’re looking for a place to grab a drink, I think it would be great!

But if you are craving gnocchi, you could always try this recipe!

cheesy gnocchi

Click the photo for the recipe!

What’s the best thing you ate over the weekend?