I read a lot of blog posts. (Maybe you do too?) But sometimes there is that one blog post that changes your entire perspective on the day. Do you know what I’m talking about? When I stumble across that post that makes me stop in my tracks, I’m once again reminded that there are some truly amazing people out there and it makes the world seem like a much better place.

girls with umbrellas at the beach

This blog post from Mary Beth, of Annapolis & Company, put a few things back into perspective for me. I had never read the girl’s blog before (I found it thanks to a link from Heather!) but I fell in love with this post. For context, she has an amazing style/lifestyle blog, and I want all of her clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are all in different stages of our journeyโ€ฆsome of us are growing babies in our bellies, nursing, working a lot of hours, trying to have children, dating, or stuck in a rut, but you know how I know that you are beautiful? Because God created you. He created round faces, long faces, tall bodies, short bodies, wider hips, narrower hips, blessed booties and not-so-blessed booties, flat chests, full chests, asymmetrical ears and pointed ears, crooked teeth, straight teeth, curly hair, straight hair, skin prone to breakouts, skin that is flawless, large hands, petite handsโ€ฆ

And He looks at you and says, โ€œYou are my perfect creation.โ€

I believe this is so important to grasp before talking about anything external, like getting dressed every day. We have to understand that clothes are just the cherry on top to a kind of beauty that is everlasting. And clothes, well, they come and go.”

In my little foodie head, that translated to “quit worrying about every little bite, every fancy recipe, every gram of protein, and every workout you did or didn’t finish“…All of that just sort of pales in comparison to the real point of all this.

girls at the beach

I like how Mary Beth isn’t saying that clothes and fashion are some sort of “evil thing” that we should throw out all together. Her point is that it’s a good thing on top of a marvelous thing.

So whatever your closet is full of, whatever your kitchen looks like, whatever your fitbit is telling you, I hope you feel beautiful today.