Yesterday I ran the Monument 10K, which (I’ve heard) is one of the 20 largest races in the country! I’m not surprised, considering there were 40,000 people signed up! I couldn’t believe how many runners there were, and I REALLY couldn’t believe how much support there was!

There were bands playing at every corner, there were people cheering us on the whole way. Definitely the most fun 6 miles I’d ever run!

Before the race:


I don’t have any pictures from the actual race yet, but the race website should have some posted soon!

I didn’t run fast, (Eric and I stuck together for the whole race, and we finished in just over 62 min) but I had fun, and that’s what matters! It was a little tricky navigating through such a large crowd, but I will definitely do it again next year!


After the race, Eric and I decided we needed to have a huge brunch, complete with mimosas!

On my plate is TJ’s Soy Chorizo, stir fried with some potatoes, peppers, and a little cheese, served with a sunny side “down” egg ๐Ÿ™‚ On that plate in the background is TJ’s Pumpkin Pancakes, with pecans. SO delicious. My tummy was very pleased. Oh, and the mimosa was fresh pineapple juice + champagne. So tasty.


So now I can check the 10k off my list of goals! I think I’m going to try a 10 miler next… and hopefully work my way up to a half marathon!


What goals have you checked off recently? Have you added any new ones?


<3 Liz