I’m pretty loyal. Committed. When I find something I love, I don’t normally feel the need to look elsewhere.

But my eyes began to wander… when I spotted this…

Uh oh. My devotion to Dunkin Doughnuts French Vanilla roast was facing some competition.

And to make matters worse, I had literally just run out of DD’s beans. It wasn’t even a question. This can practically jumped into my basket.

I brewed this a little bit ago, and let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC. If you’re into flavored coffee, and you like chocolate (um, excuse me, if you don’t like chocolate, we need to talk.) this coffee is for you.

Do you have any coffee brands you’re loyal to? I’ve heard good things about Dunkin D’s Strawberry Cheesecake flavor!



(awkward cartoon photo source)

In my last post, I mentioned being a late night snacker, and it turns out, most of you are too!! However, I’m really going to try to stop snacking after 8pm. (Sometimes I don’t get home until after 8, so I’ll have to be realistic here. I’m not going to bed without dinner!!) So my question, if you’ve broken the habit of late night snacking, or mindless snacking in general, do you have any tips?? Please share them if you do!



I’m taking it easy today, because tomorrow is the Monument 10k! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so wish me luck in the race! ๐Ÿ™‚

<3 Liz