You guys there is so much I’m loving right now. January is one of my favorite months because it just feels so fresh. Not to mention that healthy stuff is suddenly all the rage. I love it. And this January is no exception! So here are a few of the things that I’m obsessed with right now:

Jordan, Me, and Samantha at PlankRVA

New workout classes.

I had a chance to check out PlankRVA and take a megaformer class. I had no idea what I was getting into but it turned out to be super fun. If you haven’t heard of megaformer classes, they’re sort of like pilates style classes but there’s a machine that you use the do the moves. It makes the moves much harder so it’s super effective. I was a little nervous because it seemed kind of complicated but the instructor was so helpful and the class was really fun. Honestly, it went by so fast. I was sore the next day, so that’s a good sign. If you’re in Richmond, PlankRVA is in the Innsbrook area, so it’s easy to get to no matter where you are!


Local juice bars.

You know I love my juicer but sometimes I just don’t want to go to the store to buy a bunch of produce and make a huge mess in my kitchen. That’s why I’m pretty pumped that Richmond has been upping their juice game. I had a chance to check out Ginger Juice this week and we got to try a bunch of different things on their menu. Their chef is amazing and all of the good was exceptional. I highly recommend the kale salad or the avocado toast. (The avocado toast has this delicious vegan mayo that’s cashew based. It’s so good!) All of their juice is cold-pressed, so you’re not missing out on any nutrients.



While we’re on the subject of drinks…Alex has been getting into cocktail making and I’ve had the pleasure of being the taste-tester. It’s been fun to dive into a totally new thing and he’s made some really yummy ones, which got us thinking about healthier cocktails. I’ll have a few recipes coming your way!

Grace Not Perfection.

My friend Jordan (pictured on the left in that top photo) told me about this book and I’m glad I ordered it. (I literally went straight home and ordered it from Amazon.) It’s SO GOOD. I love Emily’s message and I think it’s a good reminder for bloggers, mom, and basically any woman with a smartphone. Seriously, I want to buy it for every woman in my life. P.S. it’s still on sale on Amazon so hurry up.

What are you loving lately?