There’s nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes I have to rely on frozen food to get me by. Not only is it super convenient, it also tends to be cheaper, and it keeps for a lot longer. The issue is usually navigating through the freezer section, to find things that aren’t loaded up with artificial ingredients and preservatives.

So I made a quick little list of some of my frozen food staples.

Frozen Foods I Love

frozen foods I like

Frozen Fruit 

  • Berries last longer and they’re much cheaper, especially when they are out of season! I also like to freeze my bananas when they start getting too ripe. (Peel them first!)

Ezekiel bread (or any sprouted grain bread)

  • It keeps longer in the freezer, and a few minutes in the toaster brings it right back to life!

Vitatops (and VitaCakes)

  • They’re kind of expensive, but they’re pretty tasty! You could also just make these apple pie oatmeal  muffins and freeze them.

Frozen dinners (without the weird stuff)

  • Amy’s makes some of my favorites, but I also like Kashi and Lightlife.

Frozen dinners can come in handy if I need to pack my lunch, or I don’t have time to cook something. I like that the sprouted grain bread keeps in the freezer (really, any kind of bread would) so it doesn’t go stale before I can finish the loaf. And I actually prefer frozen berries for yogurt and smoothies! Vitatops make a great dessert when you just need something sweet.


Things I Don’t Love

  • Steamed broccoli– I just don’t think this tastes great. It’s not bad in a stir fry, but fresh is so much tastier
  • Frozen meals with 10,000 ingredients– Take a look at what’s in there… and watch out for strange preservatives and chemicals
  • Soy crumbles– I really wanted to like these, but I used them in this vegetarian chili and I just hated the texture


What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) frozen foods?