I meant to give you all a recap of our Christmas but honestly, I did a terrible job of taking pictures. On the flip side, I did a better job of staying off my phone and living in the moment, so I guess it’s not all bad! We spent last week in Minnesota and North Dakota visiting Alex’s family and it was so wonderful! It was definitely fun having a real white Christmas.


That’s one of the few pictures I actually took! We were at Starbucks while we were on a coffee run!

We got back in town on Sunday and on Monday, I found myself craving a lot of familiar staples. There’s something about being away from your routine that makes it feel even better when you step back into it.

When I woke up, I pulled out my Vitamix and blended up a banana smoothie.

tone it up breakfast

1 frozen banana, a splash of almond milk, a handful of ice, a few scoops of PB2, stevia, and some almond butter!

I went to work but ended up being the only one on my team actually in the office so I ended up spending most of the morning on a treadmill desk, sending emails and wrapping up things on my to-do list. It’s honestly the best way to get in steps without even realizing it! By the time lunch rolled around, I couldn’t get Chipotle out of my head, so I got a veggie bowl.


YES to guacamole. This kept me super full all afternoon. I finished up work, cleaned the house, and packed up a box for Goodwill. Clearly, Chipotle gives me productivity powers.

Once Alex got home, I made one of our favorite easy dinners.

roasted chickpeas and potatoes

I’ll give you the photo from the recipe since it looks prettier than the one I snapped on my phone last night! We both love this dinner!

Afterwards, we headed to the movie theater and watched The Big Short. We hadn’t been to the “real” movie theaters since the summer, since we live so close to the Byrd Theater! But we both really wanted to see this one so we decided to have a little Monday movie date. The movie was really good!

Do you miss your routine meals when you travel?

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