What’s in the bag…

Hi, I’m a vegetarian, and I get plenty of protein.

I’m not going to go off on a rant about how I’m asked this question almost every day of my life. The fact is, I get plenty of protein. Most of the time, it’s from things like beans, whole grains, or yogurt.

But yesterday, I really packed in the protein. We’re talking, 43g of protein in the morning.

What did I eat? Well… it’s probably the most simple thing ever. Ready for this recipe?

6oz 0% Chobani greek yogurt + 1 scoop of About Time Cake Batter Protein Powder

Yes, that’s it. Obviously, you can add anything else you want. I topped mine with some blueberries. I’m sure lots of you have done this before, but I’m not sure why I expected it not to taste good. The protein powder actually blended so well with the Chobani, and I didn’t need to add any extra stevia to balance out the tartness of the yogurt.

So you get 43g of protein… for less than 200 calories. Go ahead meat eaters, beat that.

Since I’ve discovered this, I’ve started carrying Chobani + baggies of protein powder around in my purse.

It’s getting a little crowded in my bag…

Thanks to a not-so-spill proof coffee mug, I had to do an emergency dump of my bag.

I usually have these essentials:

Headphones, kindle, notepad, pen, sunglasses, reading glasses, bobby pins, ponytail holder, perfume, lipstick, iphone (work), iphone (play), ipod, charger (for both), business cards, gum, clutch with credit card, debit card, and ID.

But… before I leave for work, I also usually carry my laptop, charger, gym clothes, and the aforementioned yogurt + protein powder. I have no idea how it all fits… but some how it does.

What do you carry with you at all times?


  1. Yes, get this question allll the time (esp. being dairy-free ppl assume you just can’t get protein, and certainly not enough, haha) Cute purse! My essentials are: keys, phone, lip gloss, roll on perfume, ponytail holders/bobby pins, mints, pens, my kindle, and my wallet.

  2. This post has just made we want to buy a new bag! I always have my iPhone and my keys with me no matter what – even just popping to the gym I have those and my ishuffle. I usually have my bright yellow purse too!

  3. That purse is really nice, beautiful color combination. Good job at packing in that protein! 🙂

  4. Yep, my purse usually contains similar items, one less phone 🙂 Sunglasses, phone, iPod, a clutch or wristlet with my cards and keys, lipstick/gloss, sunglasses, camera when I remember or need it, a water bottle, and yes, ponytail holders are at the bottom of every bag I own. 🙂 Cute new bag for spring! Use it well.

  5. I love that little polka dot bowl you had your breakfasts in! 🙂 I don’t usually carry a purse, but I always have my phone, wallet, sunglasses and chapstick on me 24/7 haha

  6. Ugh, that’s what I hear aaaaall the time. There are just as many vegetarian-based proteins as there are carnivorous! Plus, the vegetarian-based are LEANER, typically. haha

    I always carry my wallet, a couple books (why not just one? Couldn’t tell ya), chapstick, my iPod, cell phone, and perfume–ya never know when you’ll need it!

  7. As a flexitarian (sorry if that’s offensive to anyone- I know some people are serious purists as to if you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian), so many of my friends ask the same. I’m always trying to explain protein is in almost everything and I usually hit the mark without trying overly hard. #headpalm

  8. 1.) I absolutely love your bag! I can’t get myself to carry around a big bag or even a purse at that! I always carry around a small leather clutch unless I find the perfect bag for a certain outfit! Haha.

    2.) I have never used protein powder. Although I get most protein from meat, I get lots of protein from non-meat as well. I love my yogurt bowls in the morning, cheese sticks for a snack, hummus with pita and black beans with dinner. I have been debating different brands – or if I need it at all – to use in recipes or smoothies. The cake batter blend sounds delicious!

  9. About Time is my new favorite protein powder! Only a few ingredients and stevia sweetened. Perfect. Have you tried the peanut butter flavor yet? Sooo good.

    Such a cute bag! Always in my bag: blackberry (in desperate need of an upgrade, hate my bberry), ipod, camera, wristlet w/cc, dc, ID, T pass, business cards, lip glass, and gum (fave is 5 Vortex flavor).

    • Ohhh I didn’t even know they MADE a peanut butter! I actually have a big tub of the chocolate one, too, because I ordered cake batter, but sent the wrong flavor, but they let me keep the chocolate one when they sent me the cake batter! haha

  10. WHERE did you get that bag!? It’s SO cute. I got really annoyed by people asking about protein too, so I totally feel you on that. It’s like mind your business! We don’t ask how many vegetables they’re getting!

  11. Heck yes for protein from Greek yogurt 🙂 I ALWAYS have my phone, cards, and lip gloss!

  12. that breakfast looks awesome!

    my essentials would have to be chapstick and a pony tail holder. i cannot leave the house without those two things!

  13. That’s a really cute bag! I must have chapstick, my phone, sunglasses and some sort of reading material/device on me at all times. And a snack. There’s always a snack in my purse.

  14. Pretty sure I need to find that protein powder ASAP!!!

  15. Your purse is so cute, lady!

  16. Love the bag! Super cute!

  17. Love love love the purse!

  18. Love the purse, so cute!! Wow, what do I cary in my purse….

    Okay wallet and a I guess you could say change purse for when I only need id, debit and little cash. I always have lip balm, lip gloss, and either a lip stick or tarte lip stain (sometimes two), oil blotting papers, small mirror, bobby pins, elastic band, bands for braces, plastic picks for braces, hand lotion, feminine items, sunglasses, iphone, sometimes charger, at times a small notebook, kleenex, keys, oh and most of my prodict type items are in a makeup bag that stays in my purse, mints, sometimes protein bars…..

    wow I have never really thought or realized how much I carry with me day to day..lo!!!

  19. Adorable purse! I always have at least my iPhone, wallet, lip balm, and gum! I go through packs of gum at an alarming rate…oh, and I always make sure to have an ’emergency’ snack. Nuts, apple, granola bar, etc.

  20. first off, thats an adorable bag and second off, you have some major techonology there woman! lol I always carry my planner and training log with me. That way I can write down any special appointments that pop up or jot down an exercise routinte I think up 🙂

  21. Haha, very true… I’m not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat at breakfast yet still manage to get about 30 grams every morning. I used to think it would be hard to get enough protein as a vegetarian but the more I learn about food and nutrition, the more I realize it’s definitely doable… you just have to know what non-meat sources of protein are out there and incorporate them into your diet.

    P.S. – cake batter protein powder sounds pretty awesome!!

  22. Love seeing ‘What’s in the Bag’! Just like I am reading a celebrity magazine..and JUST as awesome! Love it!

  23. Admittedly, I’ve wondered how vegetarians get enough protein. The lesson? Ignorance isn’t always bliss. 🙂 After watching Forks over Knives last night I’m terribly curious about eating more veggies and feeling slightly less ignorant.

  24. M’gosh, you must walk around crooked from all the weight on your shoulder.
    My bag is pretty empty with just a wallet, keys, phone, water bottle, iPod, and sometimes a book.

  25. I adore your bag!

  26. Haha, I am a carrier of food too, theres always some sort of snack in my purse. I’ve even been known to carry frozen yogurt in a bag of ice into the movies. Totally normal.

  27. Smart thing to carry with you! I always have a book. At least one book, that is. Because what if I finish the one I’m reading? You can’t expect me to decide right now what I’ll be in the mood for next–so that requires current book+multiple next book options.

  28. Bags are miraculous little things. It’s like Mary Poppins, they just keep going and going!

  29. Dang, that breakfast is a pregnant girls dream. I’m supposed to get 75g daily and usually come up short. I know what I’m eating tomorrow morning.

  30. Good grief girl, you have a freaking electronics store in your bag! Where’s the flatscreen television?!

    What you’ll ALWAYS find in my bag: chapstick, bobby pins, bandaids (I’ve stopped denying my accident prone ways and started thinking proactively…Haha!), iPhone, and snacks…I always have what I call “survival food” with me at all times. I get a few laughs out of it from my friends but they always know who to come to if we’re traveling and they get hungry! 😉


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