What I Ate [as an elf] Wedensday

I’ve felt like an elf this week!

I finished up [almost] all my Christmas shopping, and I was in a wrapping frenzy! But let me take you through the day of eats first.

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting the party, as always!


Yep. Still the same. After a week of oats I’m back to my old ways. Yogurt it is! Plus blueberries and Bear Naked Granola.


I though the salad + hummus combo had been upsetting my stomach, so I’ve been trying to switch things up.

Curried chickpeas, which were eaten with some vegetable soup. Even though that’s essentially the same combo as a salad with hummus, it didn’t upset my stomach! Odd!


I will eventually do a whole review of the Lolihop box, but I’m waiting until I consume all the snacks!

I did eat an unpictured larabar and I decided I’m not going to eat these anymore. It can eat these in 2 bites! (I mean, I made it last like ten bites, by eating like a rabbit, and I think my co-workers were thinking “why the heck can’t she take a normal bite?”) See? More trouble than it’s worth. And for 220 calories, I’d rather have a huge yogurt bowl. Anyways. Sorry, Larabar fans!


G-love and I ate leftovers. We actually cooked a big spaghetti dinner for some friends on Sunday and we made way too much food, which means leftovers were in order. He ate the spaghetti, I ate the leftover salad. And I bought caesar dressing for Sunday, but I didn’t eat any of it, because it has anchovies in it 🙁 But that meant I finally tried the Ranch I bought from Trader Joe’s! I haven’t had Ranch in a long time, but this stuff is relatively low calorie (30 per tbsp!) so I decided to give it a try. And I actually love it!

Yummm. Croutons and parmesan cheese made it extra tasty.


The boys and I were doing a gift exchange tonight, so I whipped up some cookies. I was inspired by Lauren, who was inspired by Jessica, but in the end, I did my own fun twist!

Cherry Almond Cookies

Adapted from How Sweet Eats
Makes ~12 cookies (you could easily double!)
  • 6 full sheets of graham crackers
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/8 tsp salt (more if your nut butter is unsalted)
  • 2 tbsp chopped dried cherries

Run the graham crackers through the blender or food processor, or just smash them in a baggie. You do want them finely crushed! Then combine the almond butter, syrup, sugar and salt. You may need to add a little bit more syrup, especially if your nut butter is on the dry side. I used TJ’s and it’s a little more runny/oily, so mine we’re fine with this amount. Then add in the chopped cherries and roll into balls. Flatten a bit, and leave in the fridge for about an hour before serving. BAM.

They sort of taste like cookie dough balls 🙂

Early Christmas Presents:

Last night, the boys and I did a gift exchange. It was quite a success! (They did well! Eugene even got me a coat, that fit’s perfect! I love it!) I have to say though, these were hands down my favorite:

The man-friend bought me the Nike Free Runs I’ve been wanting forever! I’m SO excited to use these! And he picked out the colors himself 🙂 I’m super thrilled!

Have you opened any Christmas gifts yet?What have you been munching on?


  1. love your shoes! and those cookies look delish! i made cookies too!!

  2. Your cherry almond cookies look fab! Living in Michigan, I’m quite partial to cherries :D. Also, I totally know what you mean about Larabars. They’re great as a quick snack because they don’t bother my tummy, but they are too small for a usual thing. I like volume!

  3. Cute shoes! I know what you mean about the Larabars. For that many calories, they just don’t taste *that* good. They are fine for desperate occasions, but there are many other things I’d rather eat.

  4. I want cookies! The chickpeas look really good, but they still don’t hold a candle to cookies. 🙂

  5. Those trainers are lush! I love the colour 🙂 I get where your coming from with the larabars, as lovely as they are your right that you can fix a bigger and probably more satisfying snack for the same calories!

  6. Everything looks yummy, especially the cookies. I love chick peas…not sure why the hummus would upset the tummy and not the straight peas…hmmmmm…

  7. Lovin’ the shoes! My roommate actually has some very similar to those- just different colors… I envy them every time we hit the gym. 😛

  8. YESSS to the Nike Frees… they are fantastic! I absolutely love mine 🙂
    And I also agree with your thoughts on the Lara bar. I can eat them in 2 bite also, maybe 2.5 haha, and they are gone before I know it… and I am still hungry! They are very calorie dense too. I know I should not care blah blahh blah, but whatever I do. I would rather enjoy something else for that many calories like you said!

  9. Yay you got some Nikes too!! Don’t they feel like you’re walking on pillowy clouds?!? 😀
    Those cookies look rad too mmm
    Happy WIAW!

  10. Nice new shoes! My family doesn’t open any gifts until the day of!

  11. Happy WIAW! Great kicks! Haha 🙂

  12. I am with you on the larabars. That and they don’t even fill me up! I only ever eat them when I’m traveling because I’d rather make something more filling and with more than two bites if I can.

    I need to try those cookies! Anything with graham crackers is on my list. They sound super easy and delicious!

  13. Yumm to everything! Ahh yay for the new shoes 😀

  14. those cookies look great! I bet they taste even better.
    I need new shoes like yesterday lol I havent been running because they are seriously so old, so I’ve just been sticking to bodywork stuff and plyo in my house on the soft carpet for extra cushion!

  15. Oh my goll, I feel the same way about Larabars. I’m always like, “This was great, but…can I please have some more?” I’m all about volume with food, and if I can’t (or well, CAN, but then cause destruction to my health or well-being) eat a lot of it, then I don’t want it. Perhaps that’s why I love vegetables so much?

    Saw that pic of your gift on twitter last night. Love that your boy knows you so well. 😉

    Do you think maybe it’s the tahini that’s upsetting your stomach? Maybe it’s some sort of sesame reaction? Just trying to think of what might be the difference between the plain chickpeas and the mashed ones.

    • Oh! That’s a good thought. It’s probably something in the hummus. (that’s the trouble With cafeteria food! I don’t know whats in it!) but seeing as how you are like the hummus queen, I think you might be on to something 😉

  16. Yummy eats! Those cookies look so good, thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  17. I know what you mean about Larabars! I’m allergic to them, so I have to make my own, but I hate that I can polish them off in 2 seconds! They do a good job of satisfying my hunger, but they’re just not that satisfying to eat. 😛

    Those cookies look great!

  18. Love new shoes and the look of those chick peas!

  19. I love those new sneakers! The boy did a good job!! 🙂

    Those cookies look so easy and tasty. I’m a huge no-bake fan! Also, I need to make some curried chickpeas – yours look delicious.

  20. Those shoes are super fab!!! And I hear ya on the Larabars!!

  21. cute kicks! side note, did you see the living social deal for the 3-class pack at barre studio? brittany and i both got it (its only $17), it looks so fun and like a good workout, you should get it too and we can all go together!

    • Yes!!! I forgot to respond to your e-mail, but I bought it! Let me know when you guys go! 🙂 (p.s. for some reason, whenever you comment, the link that should take me to your blog, actually goes to gmail. it’s odd!)

  22. Ahhh, those shoes are so cute! I know running shoes are supposed to be comfortable above anything else, but not going to lie… I would buy those shoes even if they didn’t fit because they’re so pretty!

  23. These cookies look bombdiggity!!! WOW!!!! I need to make them and they look uber healthy!

    These runners are apparently really good!!!


  24. Love your shoe. It’s so cute and I like how he picked a pink one for you!

    I already opened my presents from my boyfriend and I just love it! 😀

  25. I have almost the exact same shoes! I won them at a silent auction and they’re half a size too small, but I don’t care. I shove my feet in there b/c they’re too cute not to wear 🙂 Mine are pretty much white where yours look either gray or dark purple (can’t tell in the pic) but I bet they’ll end up a lot dirtier than yours will!

  26. Er, can I order a double batch of those cookies please?!
    I love your changing things up on the lunch, that’s the sort of thing I do 🙂
    Love the trainers too, bless him for getting those. We did our work secret Santa yesterday and I got a bottle of Pimm’s – always a winner!

  27. He did a great job on the shoes!

    Once in a while I have a craving for ranch, Bolthouse farms makes a decent yogurt-ranch dressing. But i always add hot sauce 🙂

  28. Ugh. I hate when the caesar dressings have anchovies in them…makes me want to vomit.

  29. love Nike Frees!! that was the shoe I used to wear now I got some Vibram 5’s and loving them too. but I do sometimes miss my Nike frees, a great shoe!

  30. I’m drooling over those cookies! YUM.

  31. I am shocked that I haven’t opened a Christmas gift yet, that’s one of the best things about being and adult: just doing whatever you want. But this year, I have been a good girl and I feel like a kid all over again with the anticipation!

  32. love the sneaks!! i’ve been feeling like an elf this holiday season, too (: it’s a good feeling, though 😉


  33. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!


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