I’ve been meaning to participate in What I Ate Wednesday for like… forever. But for some reason I always forget until… like Thursday morning. Super annoying. But anyways.

So this is a Wednesday in the life of me! Sorry for the lower quality pics, I had to use my phone!

Breakfast: Banana Soft Serve which is a pretty typical breakfast, unless something goes horribly wrong (and I forget to stick a banana in the freezer or something). I topped it with a bit of Cascadian Farms Granola. Yummy. This was eaten with a side of not-pictured peanut butter. (It was feeling camera shy. Don’t lie, we all have those days.)

Lunch was a free cafeteria style buffet at work (because I was in an all day meeting. Woohoo free lunch!)

This was a little bit of vegetarian pasta + veggies, fruit salad, and then greens topped with peppers, crasins, parmesan cheese, and a little olive oil (so simple, so delicious). It’s about the healthiest thing I can make in the cafe!

Dinner was on the go, because I had to get to church early to set up the instruments for band practice.I stopped into Subway, and grabbed a veggie sub on wheat, topped with a little fat free sweet onion dressing!

This was eaten with an un-pictured granny smith apple. (It would also have been consumed with a small banana, but I learned the lesson of not packing your soft fruit in the same bag as your gym shoes. Banana was a mushy mess.) Those sandwich artists really outdid themselves on this one. It was quite tasty.


My workouts have been a little sporadic, because my schedule has been so crazy. I’m basically fitting in workouts whenever I can! This morning I did some pilates before work, and my workout buddy and I are going to hit the gym this afternoon for a more intense sweat session. I haven’t been running as much because I’ve been having some knee pain, and I want to make sure I’m not injured for the 10k coming up.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, loves! I forgot to wear green, so my friend Greg drew a green x on my hand in a meeting this morning. Then we realized it looked like I was underage at a bar. So my friend Carrie tried to make it into a clover. And this is what we ended up with:

I suppose that’s what I get for not wearing green!


Are you wearing green? Do you have any St. Patty’s day plans? Do you ever participate in What I Ate Wednesday?

<3 Liz