The folks at Wholesome Goodness offered to send me a box of goodies, and since I’m not one to refuse free deliciousness… I obliged.

The box contained much more than I anticipated!

Cereal, almond milk, pita chips, tortilla chips, salsa, trail mix, salad dressing and granola bars!

The cereal was kind of like Cheerios, which used to be one of my favorite cereals. Now, I don’t really eat cereal for breakfast, and since it’s more of a stand-alone snack, I usually like my cereal with a little extra punch of flavor. (Like… peanut butter Puffins!) but these we’re good!

The granola bars were nice too. Chewy, with the right amount of sweetness. They weren’t huge, but they only had 120 calories, so if you’re watching your calorie intake, these are great.

The whole grain chips were deliciously crunchy. They sort of taste like Sun Chips, but a little thinner, and crispier. I really enjoyed these. I’d totally bring them out as a party snack!

I’m not a huge fan of trail mix in general, but I did take these to work and I kept them in my drawer as emergency snacks! These saved me from co-worker cupcake temptation!

The salad dressing was a light balsamic vinaigrette, which is usually my salad dressing of choice when I’m at work, but I never think to buy it for home, since I don’t eat that many salads at home. I have been taking little containers of dressing to use on salads I use at work, so this has been good!

The chocolate almond milk was a fun product to try, because I don’t use regular milk, so soy or almond are my go-to milk substitutes. I don’t normally buy flavored ones, but I knew I could have fun with chocolate. I added it to my morning coffee with a bit of cocoa extract and stevia, and made myself a little mocha!

The Multigrain Tortilla chips, these were my FAVORITE. They have flax seeds and other deliciousness baked right in. I could eat these without salsa and be content. They have a great flavor on their own (not just salty corn flavor) but it’s not so overpowering that you can’t dip it in your favorite salsa. Seriously, these were amazing. Tortilla chips are one of my favorite snacks anyway, so finding a healthy one that tastes as good as Tostito’s is awesome.

So in honor of my new favorite tortilla chip… Let’s do a “throwback” recipe for you!

Black Bean and Corn Salad

I actually usually just eat this with a fork… but it also makes an excellent dip!

P.S. I checked online, and these products aren’t sold everywhere, but it looks like a lot of Walmart stores actually carry them! I love how stores like Walmart have made healthy food more affordable (and thus available) for everyone!

What’s your favorite type of tortilla chip and/or salsa?