Yesterday was kind of a bad day. [Insert work frustrations.]  But thats ok, because:

1. I usually love work, so a bad day just means that I got a little frustrated…

2. When I’m frustrated I liked to run. Or clean. And both of those were on my agenda anyway!

3. It’s a new day, and not just any day, it’s What I Ate Wednesday!!!

So in case you missed the memo, I’m a vegetarian. Why? Well, mostly because I just don’t like meat. For lots of reasons. One being the taste. Yet for some reason, this caught my eye:

And I threw it in the cart. Impulse buy? Um, yes. But I liked the Lightlife “Smart Ground” so much that I thought I’d give it a try.

So I threw together my 4 ingredient dinner:

  • Veg-friendly “pork” + Whole wheat bun
  • Broccoli slaw + Hummus (I needed some veggies)

And dinner was born. So how was it?

Well. The broccoli slaw topped with hummus was delicious, of course. And the “pork”… well honestly I don’t remember what pork tastes like but… I guess this tasted like pork. So I didn’t really like it.

Sometimes I’m kind of an idiot. I know.

But before the dinner fail, I went for a run, which was awesome, since I hadn’t be running for awhile. Oops. It wasn’t an easy run, (I think I’m still detoxing from the second hand smoke of the weekend) but I cranked out a few miles. Good thing I had an awesome playlist. (Thank you Wiz Khalifa. I love you.) I’m still loving my rap/mashups kind of playlist.

What kind of music is on your playlist these days? 

Do you ever try things you know you won’t like? Are you an impulse buyer? 

<3 Liz

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