Thank you dad…

For being patient when I asked 100 questions a day (Is this oak or pine?)

For writing me back, every time I wrote you a note (Even the ones just reminding you to get your lunch out of the fridge)

For [constantly] reminding me to get my oil changed, check my tire pressure, fill up my gas tank…(I still need that)

For teaching me how to do a front handspring… (and for showing my whole team how to do a real back extension roll)

For setting an example of how a man should treat a woman, and a father should treat his children (you’ve set the bar high!)

For being able to fix anything. (And I mean anything)

For worrying about me. (Even when I didn’t want you to.)

For letting me do all the things mom would say no to 😉 (Like putting up a gymnastics bar in the living room.)

For being my coach, my Sunday school teacher, my mechanic, my friend, and first and foremost, my dad.

I love you dad, Happy Fathers Day! 🙂