After spending the past couple of months trying to (somewhat) follow the Tone It Up meal plan, I’ve relaxed a bit this week. I’m still trying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and keep an eye on protein but sometimes, a girl just needs some pizza. So here’s what I ate yesterday:

breakfast yogurt

For breakfast, I started the day off with a bowl of Greek yogurt + blueberries + a little Love Grown Granola. I had to eat pretty quickly because Alex had an early meeting. This hit the spot!

green apple

I knew lunch would be a bit later than normal so I had an apple with peanut butter to hold me over. This was actually awkward to eat at my desk. I was spreading peanut butter on the apple while trying to take bites. Not a desk friendly food.

The weather was gorgeous out so my coworker and I were happy to snag a table outside! I had a giant salad with a few crackers. This was so tasty! Unfortunately, I forgot to add beans so this salad didn’t have a lot of substance. I was hungry again an hour later.

Luckily, I packed a bit of cereal to snack on in the afternoon. Love Grown Foods sent me this cereal and I love it. Usually I leave the cereals for Alex and I eat all the granola but this cereal is so yummy! It tastes sort of like fruit loops but it’s made with beans so it has more protein and fiber. I snacked on a bit of this and a pear but I totally forgot to snap a picture of a pear. Whoops.

Since I’m headed to Austin later this week, Alex and I decided to have a little date night together. We started the night off with piano shopping. (You know, typical date night.) We have a piano right now but it was a free piano with very squeaky keys. It’s served it’s purpose but we want to start scoping out other options.

After piano shopping, we headed to dinner at 23rd and Main Taproom. The last time we went here was for my birthday a couple years ago. The weather was gorgeous so we were lucky to snag a table outside.

We started with this amazing appetizer that was piled high with hummus, veggies, feta, and flatbread. We didn’t finish all of this but we certainly made quite an effort.



We also split this margherita pizza which was delicious as well. It reminded me a little bit of the pizza from Stuzzi. Thin but chewy crust, fresh mozzarella, and sauce I wanted to eat with a spoon. This dinner was so good, I can’t wait to go back!

Once we got home, we watched a little TV and enjoyed some ice cream on the couch. I got some of that “slow churned” (i.e. low fat ice cream) but it’s surprisingly good! It was a delicious way to end the day.

What’s your favorite type of pizza?