This might be a record. I haven’t cooked anything for an entire week. That’s kind of crazy, since “food” is basically my hobby. But after spending 4 days in Minnesota with Alex’s parents, we’ve spent the last few days in Richmond with my parents. We’re in a wonderful marathon of family visits! My parents are staying at my brother & sister in law’s house which is an added bonus because it means we all get to be together. It also means that I’ve barely set foot in my kitchen these past few days! Still, yesterday was full of some pretty delicious eats.

vegetarian breakfast with protein

The day started off with some Greek yogurt, berries & granola, as usual. I’m still not tired of this combo. I had this with a coconut mocha k-cup. These are my favorite! I left the house pretty early because I had to run by Target to pick up a new camera card. I pulled my old one out of my laptop and it literally fell apart into pieces. It was a few years old but I was still kind of bummed. Obviously while I was at Target I bought like 12 other things because… that’s what happens when you go to Target.

Work was crazy busy so the morning flew by and by the time lunch rolled around, I was super hungry!

cafeteria lunch

Sorry for the ugly iphone picture, but I had a salad with carrots, red pepper, cucumbers, red onions, pita, and hummus. The soup was a chickpea lentil soup and it was so good and so filling! I actually couldn’t finish it all. This was delicious.

I wasn’t planning on having an afternoon snack but I couldn’t resist the candy cart.

gummy bears

Things to do? Eat gummy bears. My sweet tooth was pretty happy about it.

After work we headed to my brother’s house and had some delicious enchilada casserole, made by my lovely sister in law.

enchilada casserole


This was soooo good. Seriously, the photo doesn’t do it justice. I went back for seconds. I think it was black beans, corn, green chilis on the bottom and then a cornbread/cheese on top. Sort of like this cornbread chili skillet but in a crockpot!

Jack playing

There was lots of post-dinner playing going on. Pouring water into an almost empty salsa jar is surprisingly entertaining for a 2 year old. Unfortunately, Alex and I had to head home a little early to mow the lawn. (That makes us sound so lame, but we hadn’t been home before dark for a week and we have a manual lawn mower so ignoring the grass has serious consequences.)

Once I finished the lawn and cleaning up the house, I had one of these dark chocolate truffles.

Dark chocolate almond butter truffle

At some point I’ll actually go to the grocery store and get back to cooking… but for now I’m enjoying all this time with family!

Do you cook often?

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