Traveling certainly has a way of switching up my meals, although I found my self eating some familiar dishes during my trip back to Columbus. I thought today would be a fun time to link up with Jenn and get in on her Wednesday tradition!

Yesterday was quite busy, waking up at the hotel, and eating a quick breakfast before spending the day working at a career fair.


I knew my breakfast would need to carry me through a busy day so I started off with Greek yogurt, fruit, and granola. I also ended up having half a piece of toast and a few bites of breakfast potatoes but they didn’t make it into the photo.




I was on my feet all morning so lunch was a welcomed break. There was a Chipotle right across the street from the career fair so I opted for a vegetarian burrito bowl. I will never tire of this lunch.

I snacked on an orange in the afternoon but I was still hungry when dinner time rolled around. By this point I was at the airport, at the only restaurant that was in the terminal. To say there vegetarian options were limited would be an understatement. They actually didn’t have anything vegetarian on the menu.



I ended up getting a chicken salad without the chicken. This was the kind of salad that people eat because it’s called a salad but is really just cleverly disguised cheese and nachos. This was far from healthy but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I ate most of this and will admit that it was quite delicious for airport food. I guess you win some, you lose some.

I’m certainly ready to get back into the kitchen this week! Now it’s a matter of deciding where to begin experimenting!

Does traveling switch up your eating?