I’ve now been blogging for… almost a year (although I haven’t been at this blog that long) and I’ve learned a LOT along the way. It’s funny, because I wouldn’t call myself a “food blogger” but I have a blog about… food… so. Ok, moving on.

#1. If at first you don’t like it, try, try again.

The first time I tasted Kombucha, I thought it was the grossest thing to ever. Now, I’m wishing my addiction didn’t gost $3.59 a bottle…


#2. Agar flakes are not the same as Guar gum. Sure, they both start with strange four letter words, and yes they’re both found in health food stores, but don’t get these things confused. Guar gum will add a creamy thickness to your smoothies. Agar flakes just add this weird chewiness… that is quite unpleasant.


Not the same thing. And on that note, if anyone has any idea what to do with Agar flakes… let me know…


#3. It can take a whole lot of failures, but the end success is totally worth it

Not my finest moment… but a second attempt at the recipe turned out much better…


#4. Never underestimate the power of a light box

The “fail” above was taken without a light box. The “success” shots of those little cupcake things, was in a light box. Prettier, no?


If you’re a blogger, what are some things you’ve learned along the way? And if you’re just a blog-reader, what’s something you’ve learned from reading blogs?

<3 Liz