Sometimes I get so caught up in recipe writing, picture taking, and food tasting that I fill up the blog with food, food, food, and I forget to sprinkle in a little life update. Oops!

So I have some exciting news I meant to announce awhile ago… I enrolled in a health coaching program! I’ve been thinking about this for the past year or two, and I finally decided to do it! The program is through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and I’m taking the first of 3 classes this summer. (I’ll be done with the first course near the end of August) and I’ll hopefully have the whole program completed in the next year. I’m really excited that this could open up a lot of doors to help even more people love their vegetables ๐Ÿ˜‰

The reading material has been taking up most of my time when I’m not working, at the gym, cooking, or blogging. Somehow I’ve managed to see Alex in there as well, so he’s not getting off that easy! I can’t wait to share more of what I learn with you all! Stay tuned for more updates on that.

And now on to a new workout… have you guys heard of Tracy Anderson? I had a friend (Hey, Annie!) tell me about her forever ago, but I never actually tried her workouts. Then I saw this post on Brittany’s blog and tried out the video. The dvds are a little on the pricey side, but I tried a few on YouTube and… wow.

I’ve tried most of the workouts she has up on YouTube and here are my initial thoughts:

  • I like that most of her workouts don’t require anything other than a mat (great for vacations!)
  • The type of workout reminds me of a barre-class workout. Not that she uses a barre… but it’s a lot of small movements that really get your muscles burning.
  • She doesn’t tell you what moves she’s doing, or when she’s switching, so you really have to watch closely. At first, that made it tricky, but it also meant that watching the same one over and over doesn’t drive you crazy. I like playing my own workout playlist, and then just watching what she’s doing. (It is tricky at first though.)
  • I like that the workouts don’t require a lot of jumping/cardio type stuff. I love this because sometimes the circuit style workouts bother my knees. These are relatively low impact.
  • It’s the perfect workout if you’re trying to squeeze something in and don’t have time for a shower afterwards. You won’t necessarily work up a big sweat, and you can do it without making a lot of noise (aka it’s perfect when my roommates are still asleep!)

I’m still contemplating buying some of the dvds. They’re really expensive, so I might just stick to the webisodes for awhile!

Have you ever tried Tracy Anderson’s workouts?