This spinach and mushroom quesadilla is crispy on the outside and loaded with gooey cheese and tender mushrooms on the inside! It’s a great way to fill up a quesadilla with plenty of veggies!

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There was a local Mexican restaurant that was our go-to food delivery spot, but they recently closed and I’ve been mourning their menu ever since. I would get the black bean tacos and Alex would get a mushroom quesadilla. Since they closed, I’ve turned to creating some of these favorites at home. I was surprised at how easy it was to recreate this one! A little onion, seasoning, mushrooms, and spinach help create a hearty quesadilla that is a little more exciting than a simple cheese quesadilla.

This is the perfect mushroom quesadilla recipe when you’re craving something cheesy! It’s a great light lunch and this is one of my favorite things for busy days. It’s also a great game day snack and it makes enough to share!

Ingredients & Substitutions

  • Olive Oil- A little olive oil serves as the cooking medium for sautéing the onions, garlic, mushrooms, and spinach. It also helps create a crispy quesadilla while preventing sticking to the pan. A suitable substitution would be avocado oil or canola oil.
  • Onion- Onion contributes a subtle savory flavor to the quesadilla. You could substitute the yellow onion for a red onion or shallot, if prefered.
  • Seasonings – Ground cumin and chili powder add a warm and earthy spice as well as a little smoky flavor to the quesadilla, complementing the mushrooms and spinach. 
  • Tortillas- Flour tortillas serve as the shell for the quesadilla, providing a soft and pliable structure to hold the flavorful filling. You can use a whole wheat tortilla if you prefer. You can also use smaller fajita sized tortillas if you wanted to make smaller quesadillas. I don’t recommend using corn tortillas, but you can if that’s the flavor you prefer.
  • Mushrooms- Sliced baby bella mushrooms contribute a meaty texture and umami flavor to the quesadilla, making it satisfying and hearty. Any variety of mushrooms, such as cremini mushrooms, sliced portobello mushrooms, or oyster mushrooms can be used as a substitute based on personal preference.
  • Spinach- Fresh spinach is an easy way to add some greens to this quesadilla.
  • Monterey Jack Cheese- Shredded Monterey Jack cheese melts well, which is perfect for a quesadilla. Cheddar, pepper Jack cheese, mozzarella cheese, or a blend of Mexican cheeses can be used as a substitute for a different flavor.

How to Make Mushroom Quesadillas