I bought my Vitamix blender back in 2012 and after eight years of love and frequent use, it was looking a little… dingy. So after trying quite a few techniques, I wanted to share how I brought my Vitamix container back to life!

clean vitamix

What causes a Vitamix blender to get cloudy?

No matter how well you clean your Vitamix after each use, it can start to develop a film, simply from blending so many mineral-rich fruits and vegetables. Just like hard water causes mineral build up on your shower head…it’s the same kind of thing. And it can be hard to remove.

cloudy vitamix blender

How do you clean a cloudy Vitamix blender?

I searched far and wide for tips on how to clean a Vitamix blender but everything I tried didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I tried soaking it with a vinegar mixture, as recommended by the Vitamix website. I tried scrubbing and scrubbing. I tried various types of soaps. I tried baking soda. Nothing worked. 

dirty vitamix

What’s the easiest method for cleaning a cloudly Vitamix?

The winning method? A Magic Eraser. That was literally magic. This little scrubber was the answer to my problems! With a little water and elbow grease, the magic eraser buffed away the stains pretty easily! It did take quite a bit of scrubbing and it was a little tricky to get into the crevasses but I was able to get it clean in about 5 minutes of scrubbing.

magic eraser

I didn’t have to use any sort of cleaner or soup to get the stains off, just water and the Magic Eraser! (P.S. If you’ve heard rumors about “toxins” in the Magic Eraser, check out this Snopes article.)

If you’re wondering how a Magic Eraser is able to scrub off stains, it’s made of melamine foam which acts like super fine sandpaper. It’s so fine that it can buff away stains without leaving scratch marks. Obviously, this is an abrasive method so I wouldn’t recommend doing this frequently or on a new blender. But my blender is eight years old and it has plenty of scratches already! This method definitely left it looking better than before!

clean vitamix

After you’ve scrubbed your Vitamix clean, be sure to run it with hot soapy water to sanitize it before use.

Let me just say, it was kind of hard to take before and after pictures of a clear (or not so clear) container but I hope you can see the dramatic difference! The only thing I used was a magic eraser and a little elbow grease!

How do you keep a Vitamix clean?

Try to clean your Vitamix as soon as you’re done blending. With sauces or soups that include tomatoes or turmeric, scrub with hot water and soap once you’re done mixing. I like to add hot water and soap then run the blender for 1-2 minutes.

clean vitamix

How do I clean the base of the Vitamix?

I like to keep my blender base clean by wiping it down with a sponge or cloth after each use. I make sure to get into the crevices and under the knobs so that grime doesn’t build up. If things dry and it’s hard to get off, I’ll use a Clorox wipe to scrub any dried bits off. As long as you clean it regularly, it’s easy to maintain!

smoothie in a blender

My Vitamix blender looks nearly brand new! It’s amazing what a little scrubbing can do!

Do you have any tips for keeping your Vitamix blender clean?