This was post was totally supposed to just be a silly recap of a gymnastics meet this weekend but then I started feeling all the feels and I just couldn’t dump a bunch of pictures without getting a bit sappy.

gym quest gymnastics meet team

Here’s the thing: If I had signed up to compete in a gymnastics meet at age 20, I think my biggest concern would have been wearing a leotard. I probably would have spent the whole time worry about photo angles, if my stomach was sticking out, and if my hair looked right. But at the age of 27, I was mostly just proud that I could still pull off a couple of backhandsprings. It’s not that I’ve gotten better at gymnastics (clearly, I’m no expert) but my focus has shifted as I’ve gotten older. Maybe it’s maturity or maybe it’s just finally appreciating and embracing the support system I have but, I’ve started appreciating fitness for what it is: fitness.

I also think there is tremendous value in having a fitness goal that isn’t “fit into a size…” or “look good in a swimsuit” because that truly doesn’t matter. If you set a goal of being healthier, getting stronger, or learning something new, you’ll get so much more satisfaction in the end. (And hey, you might even fit into that dress you ambitiously bought.)

Sometimes I’m amazed at how insecure I was in my early 20s. I think part of it comes with the territory. Aren’t we all a little awkward when we’re trying to figure out our place in the world? But I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously. If you’re not enjoying chasing your goals, what’s the point? (Hint: If your main goal is a number on the scale, you’ve got some re-prioritizing to do.) So maybe I’m silly about Fitbit goals and beam cartwheels but these are the very same goals that keep me healthy and make me feel better inside and out.

I feel so blessed for the support system I have. I’ve always had an amazing family and wonderful friends, but I think moving away really made me appreciate it even more. Friends that stay in touch despite distance and new friends that jump right into your life and support you like they’ve always known you- that’s not something to take for granted. Friends that will put on a leotard with you or a husband that will sit through a 3 hour gymnastics meet for roughly 10 minutes of actual excitement… that’s hard to come by.

Gym Quest Gymnastics Team Meet

Lastly, I’m grateful for the blog world! The internet is a weird place but I’m thankful that I’ve made some truly wonderful friends through it. Some of you, I’ve never met in person, and some of you ended up being my roommate. (Ok fine, that was just Lindsay.) The point is: if you throw your heart and soul into something, you’ll be amazed at what you get out of it.

What goals are you chasing?

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