New Eats & Summer Finds

Sometimes it’s embarrassing showing you my eats for the day. Mostly because I often find myself in a food rut, and I eat the same things over and over. Hey, go with what you like, right?

But the past few days, I’ve really branched out, and tried tons of new restaurants and foods. It’s been fun, and I’m finding myself craving new things (hello, feta!) so even though the day started and ended with some favorites… I did try a few new things!

I can’t believe I used to be the kid who didn’t want to try any new foods. Live and learn, right? So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been eating lately:

Ok fine, some things never change.

Yet another one of these smoothies, eaten in a Skippy jar (because after I made those PB cups, the jar was almost gone!) I also had a komucha tea. I wish I could drink these all the time, but at $4 a pop… it’s kind of a special occasion.

I’ve been obsessed with feta these days. So I switched up my usual salad routine and went with this combo:

Romaine, carrots, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So tasty. I also had some vegetable soup but it didn’t taste very good, and wasn’t very pretty… so no picture.

For dinner, Brian and I went to the Food Truck Court at the VMFA, and since last week I went with a sandwich from Rooster Cart, I figured I needed to try something new this week. I finally tried the Boka truck!

They had a special Sherry Tomato Tako, which was marinated mozzarella, tomatoes, greens, & house made croutons, so basically a delicious salad on a taco. I loved every bite.

You’re not actually surprised to see more frozen yogurt, are you? Come on. Lindsay and I talked our guy friends into going to Sweet Frog with us to end the day with a little unnecessary sugar. I got chocolate & cake batter, obviously, since it’s the best combination.

If you haven’t entered the Nasoya giveaway, it’s not too late!

Have you tried any new foods recently?


  1. LOVE the idea of putting a shake in an old pb jar– GENIUS!!!! And that froyo is calling my name haha

  2. Loveeee bokaaaa

  3. girl i have that same feeling when i post my daily eats. like, do people really care about seeing my same food? i have a hard time getting away from cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch (similar salads), and the same snacks. eh. hey they don’t have to read it, right? 🙂

  4. I agree trying new foods is fun, but sometimes it gets expensive if it turns out you don’t like it. That tomato tako looks delicious!

  5. I’m obsessed with Feta!!

  6. I def try to buy a need food item every two weeks or so, to see if I like it or what I can make with it. Its fun, and also really delicious most of the time 🙂

  7. Great idea for the smoothie! Don’t you worry, your food always looks delicious. 🙂

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    • Høres koselig ut og ganske lik i stemningen som Telle Duer, som jeg likte godt. – tror nok jeg plukker opp denne, finner jeg den laglig i hylla.(har forresten nÃ¥ begynte pÃ¥ Bumerang, utstyrt med en hel tørkerull, foreløpig dog, CD 1-7, har jeg ikke felt en eneste tÃ¥re -))

    • I got a speeding ticket my senior year. I was trying to get home by curfew after a date. That was my very first ticket.We must have been in HS around the same time. The style of hair and dress are frighteningly similar…and I also took a redheaded date (my Junior Prom). I should share a picture. I look as if I could have been your shorter sister.

    • I’m quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

    • Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

    • , though, one of my best friends to this day is a boy. I talk to him all the time. But that’s largely in part because his wife is awesome and respects our friendship. Had he married someone else, I’m sad to say that the dynamic might have changed.

  8. I get in ruts too – sometimes it’s nice to not have to think too much about your food. I wish we had more food trucks around. Your chickpea and feta salad looks fantastic. Remind me to pick up some feta next time I’m at the store. 🙂

  9. I love balancing ruts and new foods. Sometimes the same old is just so good (my breakfasts tend to look a lot alike during the week, haha. And a lot like oatmeal…), but it’s fun to branch out. And salad on a taco sounds like fun. As does smoothie in a PB jar. That second one may sound better, but only because PB is involved.

  10. I have an empty Skippy jar on my hands- now I’m contemplating about using it as an overnight oat or smoothie vehicle! I am guilty of falling into ruts too, but nothing like changing up the rotation slightly to keep things interesting! After eating overnight oats for breakfast for the past 5 months, I started eating cottage cheese with protein powder, fruit and cereal instead and I’m loving the change!

  11. I tried something new – a friend made me mexican lasagne last night – it was delicious – bet you’d like it – the recipe is on Nigella’s website 🙂

  12. It’s not new, but I have been a serious lentil every single day. Lentil quesadillas. Lentil wraps. Lentil with marinara. Lentil ‘burger’. I’m addicted.

  13. That tako looks so yummy! I love trying new things!

  14. hahaha…drinking a smoothie out of a PB jar. best idea ever!!!

  15. I’m almost always in a food rut during the week. It’s like I’ll find something I like for the week and just go with it. Slight variation the week after. And so on.

    At least I’ve thrown in quite a few new restaurant visits into the last week or so. It’s given me at least a little variety!

  16. Trying new foods is definitely fun! I’m so used to eating the same boring things everyday that new things can upset my stomach, however, I do it anyways. =) BTW, Interesting blog!

  17. I’m obviously late to the game, but I love the new blog design! So pretty!

    And I made sweet potato socca pizza last night (courtney of Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean) – sooo good! Old favorites in a new way.

  18. I definitely get into food ruts, but it’s a good way to keep myself accountable! Though, I am always ok with letting froyo slip into the routine!

  19. Liz! You are a genius – that smoothie in the PB jar?! Why have I never thought of that? I’m currently in a food rut with pancakes. I can’t help it though… they’re so damn good!

  20. Yum, all of your food looks so good! I love trying new foods, but most of the time I find myself in a food rut.

  21. I am obsessed with fro yo..and the places where you can add in as much of the toppings as you want!! delicious!

    I am always in food ruts. I eat seriously some sort of salad every single day for lunch.. I’m boring.

    new foods lately – hmm not a new food perse, but I LOVE nunaturals stevia.. I just got it last week..and I am slightly obsessed! I love the liquid form. so easy!

  22. Ooh, feta; I’ve just discovered that too 🙂
    I wish I could discover frozen yoghurt like that round here though, although actually, it’s probably better we can’t get it!

  23. Oh feta, I love it!!!!
    I tried Kombucha a few times and I just couldn’t like it. I want to, but blech. Can’t do it.

  24. I often find myself eating the same things every week also…maybe that’s why I haven’t done a WIAW post in a few weeks – blah. I’ve never eaten from a food truck – so jealous. I wonder if we even have them in Boston. Maybe a good truck and drinks when you are in the area? 😉

  25. I’ve never been to the Food truck Court…gotta try it out soon!

  26. I tend to overdo the foods I love, too. No shame in enjoying more of what you know you like!

    However, some of my new favorite foods are figs and pine nuts. Love em in everything!

  27. I wish everything in life was served in an almost empty peanut butter jar…:)

  28. I’ve been trying a lot of new restaurants lately – a couple of little hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurants and I also tried a raw food restaurant for the first time last week. I agree, it’s a lot of fun to eat stuff you’ve never tried before. It’s funny because I also used to be a picky eater who wouldn’t ever try new things – my 10-year-old self would be appalled at some of the things I’ve eaten lately (like tofu soup and zucchini noodles)

  29. I’ve never tried Komucha before bc it’s so darn expensive! Is it really worth it? It better be life changing hehe. Ooh! Food truck! Love it!

  30. I definitely get into food ruts! It’s hard when you find something you really like….I just want to keep eating it over and over! Your salad looks delicious! I’m a big fan of feta and romaine…I shall have to recreate this…. 🙂

  31. I’ve NEVER thought to put a shake/smoothie into an old pb jar. GENIUS!! 🙂

  32. Didn’t you forget to mention the (obvious) PB in the protein shake 😉 ? It looks divine! This summer I do especially enjoy quinoa-based salads, smoothies in vibrant colours (green, red) and just recently I tried to make my own ice cream with coconut milk and green tea.

  33. Awesome eats, you now have me craving fro-yo!

  34. have not tried anything new lately, but we do love trying new things when they cross our paths 🙂

  35. I tried patty-pan squash this week. Nothing too outrageous but a nice squash addition to my roasted veggies.

  36. Ooooh that’s my favorite peanut butter!! Our grocery store was out of it and I had to buy a different brand and it made me a little sad, haha!

  37. Oh man, I recently bought these Mary’s Gone Crackers “sticks and twigs” and at first thought they were awful, but after a second, third, fourth try they really grew on me. Acquired taste snack!

  38. New food for me this week has been quorn… one up on other ‘meat’ replacements. Don’t normally use this type of thing but it was worth a try.

  39. Haha don’t think you wanna know what the last new food I tried was… it was from Tio Pablo though if that’s any indicator!! 😉 Hope you are having a good weekenddddddddd!

  40. Can you bring me one of those breakfast shakes in a PB jar before school one day next week? Thanks.

    And one day I NEED to go to the RVA food truck court…it will make me feel like I’m back in Austin. 🙂


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