Around the Fan

Normally for “What I Ate Wednesday”, I show you a snap shot of what I ate the day before, but I thought it would be fun to show you some weekend eats, since they were a little more out of the ordinary.

So this is what I ate around the Fan!

*For those of you non-richmonders, “The Fan” is a neighbodhood, near downtown Richmond, shaped like a fan.


I started the morning off with a classic banana smoothie (banana, protein powder, almond milk, ice, stevia, peanut butter, granola) while I read the paper and sipped coffee. Yes, I’m an old man.

And yes, that’s Samoa granola on top!


Sarah, Lindsay, Adrienne and I wandered around the Vegetarian festival, trying samples and such.

I loved this kale! They were giving away coupons for the Tahini dressing, so I’ve already picked up a bottle of it. It’s delicious, low calorie, and vegan!


In honor of Eric’s departure of Richmond, we had a big bar crawl on Saturday night. To ensure our stomach safety, Eric and I had dinner on the patio before hand, at F.W. Sullivan’s. I’d never actually gotten food there, so I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this hummus wrap. I mean, I feel like it’s kind of hard to mess up a hummus wrap… but still. It was good!

This kept me nice and full while we crawled to 3 Monkeys, Starlite, New York Deli, and Babes. Is it embarrassing that my legs were sore the next day, from all the dancing? Maybe. Did I count that as my workout for the day? Yes.

We all wore stickers that said “Ay Dios Mio” and had Eric’s face on them, with a twitter hashtag.

Because that’s what real friends do. They wear stickers of their friends faces, to clearly indicate that there is a major celebration going on.

Eric and I leave for Dallas on Saturday! I can’t wait for a 20-some hour road trip!

Do you count dancing as a workout?


  1. Dancing is most definitely a workout! Have a great trip!

  2. haha. i totally have been sore from dancing before too. a workout, indeed!

  3. I totally count a night out dancing as a workout–it IS work! I mean, fun work, but yeah, I’m always sore the next day too. And you’d think a hummus wrap is pretty fail-safe…but I have had a few unfortunate members of the hummus wrap family, and I’m always baffled as to how a restaurant can make that go wrong. It’s just…hummus…in a wrap…with a few veggies…

  4. Yum!! Dancing is definitely a workout. Sometimes when I go out dancing, I am SO sore the next day!

  5. That wrap….yummm!! Plus the sweet tater fries? LOVE!!
    And yes, dancing is totally a workout!! Your shaking your booty right? 😉

  6. The day after a late night out I always start to feel guilty…then I think “Wait! Why are my legs so sore?” and realize I can count my dancing as a workout. That usually makes me stop feeling guilty right away 🙂

  7. Did you happen to pick up a recipe card for the Garlicky Kale Salad? I was at the festival too and they were out of recipe cards when I got to the whole foods table

  8. Niiice. Love the touch of granola on top of your banana smoothie! I wouldn’t go dancing as my ‘workout,’ but if I happen to dance on an otherwise non-exercise day, then you bet it’s my workout!

  9. SAMOA GRANOLA? Girl you need to get me some of that like asap. I totally need it in my every day mealage. Lol. That sounds good on top of a smoothie though. Mmmm hummus wrap. Oh how I love me some hummus.

  10. I haven’t danced in so long so I barely remember if it was a workout. I’m leaning towards YES!

  11. Dancing should absolutely count as a workout – and Samoa granola? Yes please!!!

  12. Ah. I love the Fan. 🙂 I wasn’t able to hit the Veggie Festival (le sigh) but glad to hear it was great! (And yes. Dancing most definitely counts. Definitely.)

  13. Dancing on the weekend? Yes. It’s a workout. I like to think it cancels out at least ONE of my vodka sodas… 😉

  14. Fun weekend! I was just in Richmond a few weeks ago for a special Zumba Master class. Richmond’s downtown is so cool! We are at a great local place for brunch. I can’t remember the name– Urban Farm or something like that? Anyway, loved your pics from the weekend!

  15. Dancing is most definitely exercise!
    That looks (and sounds) fantastic!

  16. Dancing is definitely exercise and so much fun!

  17. Dancing is TOTALLY a workout! I just had kale with tahini dressing today and it was soooo yummy! your pics are great and I want those fries!!!

  18. The kale looks yummy! I’ve actually never had tahini before, except in hummus, but now I think I’ll be trying to track down a tahini dressing!

  19. Everything looks delicious. Especially lunch and the wrap! Yes, Dancing is exercise. I think it’s unanimous 🙂

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  20. definitely 🙂 dancing is a major workout! those fries look heavenly

  21. I totally read the paper and I also do the daily crossword & sudoku in it every morning! It may be lame, but my mornings wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if I didn’t haha. Oh and that hummus wrap looks amazing!

  22. That wrap looks amazing!!!!

  23. yes dancing is working out 🙂 I need to do it more often.

  24. It sounds like such a great weekend! What a fun send-off for your friend. The veggie festival looks amazing!


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