What I [Worked] Wednesday

Let’s jump right in!

It’s What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Jenn @ Peas and Crayons, where I get to give you a peak into a day in the life of my tummy. *Disclaimer: this is SO not all I eat in one day. Unpictured are the 1,000 snacks I consume.

What I’ve been eating:


Are you sick of seeing my yogurt bowls yet? You should be. I basically have one of these for breakfast every time my roommate is still sleeping, and I don’t want to wake her up by the sound of my jet engine vita mix.

  • 1 container of Chobani 0% plain yogurt
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 packet of stevia
  • Sprinkle of Bear Naked Granola

I really need to start switching things up. But when you like what you like… why change?


I wish it didn’t look like someone poo-ed on my eggs. This was 1/2 cup egg whites, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, cooked in a skillet and topped with salsa and red pepper flakes. YUM. And super protein packed. This was consumed with a salad and many many snacks.


Nope, nothing new here folks. I’m still obsessed with the sweet potato + almond butter combo. I also added a tiny bit of almond milk, and some cinnamon and stevia.

With food, I don’t mind getting in a rut groove. I can eat the same things over and over without getting tired of them. But I don’t feel that way about my workout. I get bored really easily.

I’ve been feeling bored with my regular workout routine, so I’ve been trying to mix things up. My goal is to do a different type of workout everyday.

What I’ve Been Working

1. Jillian Michael’s Yoga DVD

(Please see my formal apology to yoga here)

I love this, because it’s only 30 minutes so I have no excuse not to squeeze it in on a busy day. And it really gets me sweating.

2. Personal Training

I’m lucky enough to have access to free personal trainers at my gym, so I’m starting to take advantage of this more. (Bring it on, Jason!) I definitely work harder when someone is pushing me!

3. Exercise On Demand

If you have FiOS or Direct TV (and maybe others?) then you have a whole bunch of free workout videos on demand! I didn’t realize this until a few weeks ago, but it’s awesome! Some of them are just 10 minute segments, but some are full workouts! If I’m not feeling Jillian, these have been a good alternative.

4. Exercise Classes

I’m trying to get back into taking classes at the gym. They don’t usually work with my schedule, but I really need to get into it! Having a room full of other people pushing themselves is so motivating for me!

5. New Machines

My trainer showed me how to use a few machines I’d never tried before (hello, shoulder press!) and I finally tackled the Stairmaster. I know that sounds stupid, but I honestly couldn’t figure out how to use that dang stair stepping machine. Good news, I figured it out and sweated my buns off yesterday.

What new things have you tried lately?


  1. Yogurt bowls are always made of win. Oh oh — you have to try Fage Total full-fat some day. I thin it with a teeny bit of almond milk. It is food of the gods! There’s just such an amazing amount of depth and creaminess. *shivers*

    Sweet potatoes never get old. Plus, there’s always kabocha!

  2. I too am a loyal yogurt mess eater, mostly for dinner! It’s super portable and easy to transport to the library. Newest addition to my menu is beets! So good in salads!

  3. LOVEE the yogurtt mess!! delish!

  4. You know what? I love a good old mess of yogurt and cereal and fruit, and if it makes you happy (and keeps you healthy)…I say, rock on! I could eat one every morning, too…and perhaps for every meal of the day….

  5. Ooh man the stairmaster is hard!! Nothing makes me sweat like that.
    I haven’t eaten a sweet potatoe for ages, you’ve made me crave one now mmm.

  6. stairmaster = sweat-fest Good for you; way to try new things!

  7. I’m dying to get my hands on the Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD but I don’t think we can get it for the UK region DVD players, gah! I have a big craving for a sweet potato with almond butter right now!

  8. Girl I could never get tired of your yogurt bowls, they always look insanely good! And sweet taters for the win woo! Happy WIAW πŸ˜€

  9. I have the Jillian Yoga dvd. It’s collecting dust. But one day I hope to break it out again… lol

    And I feel like such an idiot for not knowing how to use quite a few of the machines at the gym! My roommate says she’ll take me and I can learn a few of the weights that she does. I feel like such a nerd.

  10. Me and yogurt messes just cant split up. I love adding fruit and cereal/granola to yogurt..so good! πŸ™‚ Your breakfast looks delish!

  11. Yogurt bowl looks great!! Happy WIAW πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve heard great things about Jillian’s yoga DVD and would love to try it as I’m so into my yoga! Sweet pots with AB are tasty! Love your brekkie too! πŸ™‚

  13. First off, how do you manage to be the first one linked up every WIAW? haha you must be up all night.
    secondly, I will never tire of yogurt bowls. They are just simply delicious. But gosh girl, I’m jealous of your vitamix.
    sweet potato nut butter combo is simply one of the best. I never tire of it either. I’m super jealous of your access to exercise as well. We don’t live near a gym and I don’t drive so I’m stuck with exercisetv.com, running around my house or taking long walks along dangerous roads. haha. Can’t wait to be abroad.

  14. Oh my goodness your breakfast looks phenomenal, yum!! I never tire of the sweet potato and nut butter combo either, I am pretty sure I could LIVE on it and be totally fine πŸ™‚

  15. I need to start making sweet potatoes for dinner for a quick fix! I always forget about their yumminess

  16. Free personal trainer? That is fabulous! And it’s not new, but I’ve returned to occasionally using the elliptical after many many months away. And now my tush hurts.

  17. I love sweet potatoes but I’ve never tried them with almond butter-what a great idea! yum!

    I’ve been so eager to find a good yoga DVD, thanks for the recommendation! plus I love Jillian!

    OMG, I had NO idea that FiOS had exercise on demand! :-DD Sooo happy! Thanks for the info!

  18. You’ve got some awesome variation in your what you’ve worked! I’ve been focussing on running lately! All your eats look delicious πŸ™‚

  19. I think your breakfast looks awesome! I could eat that almost everyday. I get like that with oatmeal, never gets old to me!

  20. So jealous of the free personal training!! I had no clue directtv offers free on demand workout! I gotta check those out!!

  21. I love yogurt bowl, but I usually eat mine as snacks as opposed to breakfast πŸ™‚

    I haven’t really tried anything new lately…..hmmm maybe that needs to change today! I love exercise classes. Unfortunately I workout at my local University’s gym so the classes fill up before I can get there πŸ™

  22. New things right now is a fruit cleanse..it’s interesting haha!

  23. I’ve been struggling to get myself to workout period lately, but the OnDemand workouts really are handy. I use them once a week or so and it’s fun to have so much to choose from.

  24. I love ExTV on Demand!! The Cindy Whitmarsh videos are great ab workouts too! Between yogadownload.com and ExTV on demand I actually ended up quitting my gym last January and have never looked back, I’m in better shape than ever bc of the variety of all the different workouts offered. And my wallet is happier too, #winning πŸ™‚

  25. that is one fine looking sweet potato w/ AB πŸ™‚

  26. Mmm I lurrrveee eggs and salsa. πŸ™‚

  27. oh man i love the look of that yogurt bowl MMMMMMM. And I like trying things at the gym, but only when I feel like trying something new – I hate when my boyfriend gives me lectures about the machines i SHOULD be using (ie. the shoulder press! Although maybe I’ll give that one a try now…) . Love your eats. x

  28. Blueberries have been my favorite in Greek yogurt lately. πŸ™‚ With stevia and cinnamon of course!

  29. almond butter and sweet potato love it and that never gets boring! I tend to always have avocado or tahini based salads everyday and love it!

  30. i haven’t had a yogurt bowl with blueberries in ages! Now you’re making me crave one. I totally feel ya on the workout front – Besides running, I can’t do the same thing every day or I’d get so bored!
    Last night I tried kabocha squash, which was new to me. SO GOOD. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I waited so long!

  31. I hear ya on the food groove front! I could eat the same breakfast every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy (ok, I might need something different eventually πŸ˜‰ ).

    I just tried a kabocha squash this past weekend and it was AMAZING!! Unfortunately, they don’t always have them at my whole foods πŸ™

    <3 <3

  32. Just found your blog and love it! Your yogurt bowl with so many blueberries makes me hungry for a second breakfast πŸ™‚

  33. I always see sweet potatoes and AB! I gotta try it!

  34. i don’t think yogurt bowls ever get old…they’re so versatile and easy to change things up just by using different fruit or different toppings!

    love the sweet tater, too. I munch on those babies like they’re going out of styleee.


  35. Haha, I’ve had almost that exact breakfast just about every day for the last three months, love it!
    I’ve just given Jillian a go (as it were!) for the first time this week – my calves are still aching πŸ™‚

  36. Free personal training sessions?!?! How could you NOT take advantage?? It is always better to have someone else pushing you!

  37. The sweet potato/almond butter combo sounds good! I love both separately but never thought to try them together!

  38. I feel you on breakfast..for the last month or so, I’ve been eating the same combo of overnight oats almost every morning….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix right?! Something new I’ve been trying (and loving) lately is my spiraliser…awesome!

  39. Ahhh yummeh eats, i have been meaning to try sweet potato and nut butter for too long, tonight i might just loose my v card. yeeeeeah buddy.

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