I’ve been living a lie.

For the past 5 months, I thought I didn’t like hazelnuts. I had a bad experience with Nutella (although the nutella muffins turned out well) and I wrote them off as my not–favorite-nut. This was a little unfair, considering how much I love all the other nut butters. But still.

Then things changed.

Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grubsent me some Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. This wasn’t some sort of Nutella knock off. This was legit. And it was so good, I thought to deserved it’s own recipe.

Unfortunately, it took quite a few attempts. Like a LOT. A lot of cookies went down the drain. But I came up with a pretty sweet recipe. So it was worth it. You’re welcome.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

  • 3/4 cup chocolate hazelnut butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup oats
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/4 cup flour (optional- if you want crispy cookies, leave it out)

Mix your hazelnut butter, egg and sugar until mixed. The slowly stir in the oats, salt and flour. I made one batch without flour, and those were flatter and crispier. Then I made one with flour, and they were more rounded and chewy. I’d recommend the flour, but it’s up to you!

Pop them in the oven at 350 and make sure you don’t accidentally bump into the oven temperature and crank it up to 500. Not that I know from experience or anything. They should be done in about 8 minutes!

Pretty, no? I know, that paper plate is ultra classy. We can’t all be this awesome.

I was in desperate need of cookie testers. Thankfully, my friend Stephanie was having a party at her house, so I took a plate of them with me. They were snatched up quickly, so I think that counts as win.



I’m feeling very additudinal today. (Did I just make up that word? I feel like having an attitude is what I meant.) I’m super glad it’s Friday, because my birthday is on Sunday, so Eric and I are throwing a huge watermelon themed party on Saturday. Oh yes. It’s going to be epic. (Jello shot development will begin tonight.) I’ll be sure to take pictures. Some of which might not be blog-appropriate. Or maybe I’ll just make an inappropriate blog post. TBD.

What are you doing this weekend? Any theme parties?

Do you like Nutella? Have you had “real” hazelnut butter?