You know the 80-20 rule? Well, I followed it this weekend.

I ate 80% chips, and 20% dip.

Just kidding. Kind of. Saturday, I spent the whole day floating in the water with this girl:

and we basically ate nothing but chips. Ok, and an apple. Good thing I packed an apple. But sometimes, you can’t carry a cooler of vegetables around, ya know?

And since yesterday was the Wholesome Goodness Mocktail Party for Virginia Bloggers… I pretty much had to have chips. No complaints here!

We had a crazy delicious spread of Wholesome Goodness chips, and tons of delicious dips. Seriously, I wanted to just eat Mollee’s pesto dip right out of the bowl. And I DID eat Alex’s watermelon salsa with a fork. I have no shame. I’m also so excited about the bags of trail mix we gave away in the goodie bags. Trail mix is my emergency snack at work. (And by emergency, I mean the first line of defense in the war against co-workers baked temptations.)

I’ve blogged about Wholesome Goodness before, (here) because their products are not only delicious, but the company is super friendly (You rock, Kathleen!) so that’s even better!

Since the weekend was quite relaxed (read: no working out) I’m planning on tackling this week head on!

So the plan for the week:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more veggies
  • Run more miles

Sounds simple, right? Right.

I do think that taking a little time off from the gym, and allowing myself to eat a little “off the plan” is a good way to keep things in balance and get my excited about hitting the gym, and digging into a salad! Sounds weird, but I swear it’s true!

And if you’re in the mood for some dip recipes, check out these:

What’s your favorite chip + dip combo?