Sometimes it’s embarrassing showing you my eats for the day. Mostly because I often find myself in a food rut, and I eat the same things over and over. Hey, go with what you like, right?

But the past few days, I’ve really branched out, and tried tons of new restaurants and foods. It’s been fun, and I’m finding myself craving new things (hello, feta!) so even though the day started and ended with some favorites… I did try a few new things!

I can’t believe I used to be the kid who didn’t want to try any new foods. Live and learn, right? So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been eating lately:

Ok fine, some things never change.

Yet another one of these smoothies, eaten in a Skippy jar (because after I made those PB cups, the jar was almost gone!) I also had a komucha tea. I wish I could drink these all the time, but at $4 a pop… it’s kind of a special occasion.

I’ve been obsessed with feta these days. So I switched up my usual salad routine and went with this combo:

Romaine, carrots, onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So tasty. I also had some vegetable soup but it didn’t taste very good, and wasn’t very pretty… so no picture.

For dinner, Brian and I went to the Food Truck Court at the VMFA, and since last week I went with a sandwich from Rooster Cart, I figured I needed to try something new this week. I finally tried the Boka truck!

They had a special Sherry Tomato Tako, which was marinated mozzarella, tomatoes, greens, & house made croutons, so basically a delicious salad on a taco. I loved every bite.

You’re not actually surprised to see more frozen yogurt, are you? Come on. Lindsay and I talked our guy friends into going to Sweet Frog with us to end the day with a little unnecessary sugar. I got chocolate & cake batter, obviously, since it’s the best combination.

If you haven’t entered the Nasoya giveaway, it’s not too late!

Have you tried any new foods recently?