The only thing I don’t like about Friday is, it doesn’t rhyme with Funday the way Sunday does.

Oh, warning: this post has nothing to do with food. So if you wanted a food post, then tune in next time.

It’s Friday morning and I’m not going to work today. Why not? Because my bff is in town! Not only that, her super awesome little sister is here too! Let the shenanigans begin.

Me +BFF Alexa.

Lookout world. We’re up to no good.


But if I steal your car keys, don’t worry. It’s probably just because I need to sneak something in your car.

Like I did to the man-friend last night.

Yes, that’s a framed picture of shirtless John Mayer, telling you that John Mayer thinks your body is a wonderland. Wouldn’t you like to open your car door to discover this on your steering wheel?

You’re welcome, g-love.*

*I really need to come up with a new nickname for the veggie-hater-man-friend. He claims he doesn’t actually hate vegetables. When asked “when is the last time you ate a vegetables” he claimed the mushrooms on his pizza counted. Fine. Also, I think anyone who’s name starts with a “g” can automatically be called g-love. Thoughts?

Anyways, on the agenda for the weekend:

  • Be morale support while Alexa gets another tattoo.
  • Be a creeper and take lots of pictures at the Art Walk downtown tonight.
  • Drink lots of wine and reminisce about the  “amazing” times we had in high school
Oh and did I mention I don’t have to be at work on Monday either? Yeah, you can go ahead and be jealous now. I’m going to stop gloating and go have fun.

Oh, one last thing. I want a goldfish. Thoughts?

What shenanigans are you getting into this weekend?

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