My family is pretty cool. Just so you know. My parents and grandma came to visit for the weekend and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. It actually made me kind of homesick, because I had so much fun. But lets focus on the positives.

After church, we went to brunch and I had this lovely breakfast:

Egg white omelet with spinach, broccoli & chopped tomatoes. Served with a side of fruit. Quite tasty. I’d never had an omelet before. Strange, no? I was starting to feel weird about eggs but I think I’m able to accept it (after finding out that eggs we eat aren’t fertilized by roosters, and therefore never going to be a chicken). Anyways, this breakfast was filling and delicious!

After lunch, we stopped by Very Berry Frozen Yogurt for some much needed dessert!

My dad filled his with fruit and granola. (Funny story: One time he was telling me about seeing granola at a breakfast bar and he described it like this: “It was like they had a bunch of granola bars and they had broken them up, so you could just put them on your yogurt and stuff!!” I was like “dad… that’s granola… how do you think they make the bars?” Apparently he thought granola came from granola bars… not the other way around. Oh dad. I love you.)

It was fun hanging out with my family for the weekend!

Did you try anything new this weekend?

<3 Liz