15 Mouthwatering Waffle Recipes

Why are waffles so much better than pancakes? Is it the crispy exterior matched with the fluffy interior? Is it the perfectly proportioned pockets that scoop up syrup and toppings? I don’t know the answer but I do know that I love waffles. Whether you’re looking for a quick Monday morning breakfast or a fancy Saturday morning brunch, there’s a recipe for every waffle situation. Here are 15 mouthwatering waffle recipes you need to try:


These fluffy caramel almond waffles from Home and Plate would be amazing on their own but topped with an apple cinnamon syrup, you might want to eat breakfast for every meal.

Pumpkin pie isn’t just for Thanksgiving dinner. These pumpkin pie waffles with cream cheese drizzle from Love, Pasta, Toolbelt would be perfect for breakfast or dessert.


Speaking of pumpkin, how about a pumpkin cornbread waffle for a little sweet & savory twist? The Balanced Berry has you covered.

Need a holiday waffle idea? It doesn’t get more festive than this eggnog waffle casserole from Finding Zest.

Throw some veggies into your waffles with these overnight sweet potato Belgian waffles from Syrup and Biscuits!

If you really feel like getting in your veggies, try a batch of zucchini and carrot waffles from My Life Cookbook.


These savory Mexican Waffles from My Kitchen Love are just screaming to be featured as breakfast for dinner.

A batch of savory cornmeal and chive waffles from The Gingered Whisk would be a welcomed addition to any brunch spread.

For the low-carb or paleo eaters, you can still participate in the waffle festivities with these flourless almond butter waffles from Wholesome Yum.

Or you can go low-carb and nut-free with these coconut flour waffles from Low Carb Yum.


Move over avocado toast, these avocado paleo waffles from My PCOS Kitchen are stealing the spotlight.

Skip the muffins and satisfy your lemon poppyseed desires with these lemon poppyseed waffles from Spabettie.

Breakfast? Dessert? I’m not sure but these dark chocolate waffles from The Worktop would be delicious for both occasions.

Speaking of dessert, these whole wheat gingerbread waffles from Living Lou would make an amazing holiday brunch dish or dessert!


These whole wheat yogurt waffles from The Lean Green Bean are freezer friendly so you can have breakfast ready at any time!

Chocolate chips make anything better so these gluten free almond chocolate chip waffles from Nourished, the blog, might be at the top of my list!

Put your blender to work with these sweet potato waffles and blueberry sauce from Emilie Eats.

Hungry yet? Dig in!

sunday waffles

From easy breakfast ideas to creative brunch recipes, these waffle recipes are perfect for every occasion!

What’s your favorite waffle recipe? Share in the comments below!


  1. These recipes look fabulous Liz! Our nice waffle maker broke a few years ago and we had to pitch it. But I saw a great sale on All Clad ones at Williams Sonoma last week and so I got one for the family for Christmas. It should arrive any day now, I will definitely be back here to try out some of these great waffle recipes on our new waffle iron!

  2. I like waffles because I do like the crispy exterior. Plus they are easier to clean up after and maintain. Way back when, I used to post a waffle recipe weekly. Maybe I’ll get back into that.

  3. Riley got me a waffle make for Christmas last year and we’ve used it three times. I’m so ashamed because waffles are so good! I need to get in the habit of making a bunch at once and freezing them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sweet or savory waffles – I don’t care so long as I get a waffle! I was actually just talking with someone today about my love of waffles and how I NEED them at least once a week.

  5. Oh yum! These all look delicious!

  6. YUM! I think that waffles are more delicious than pancakes because they have the little divets which perfectly house the butter and syrup! 😀 I love a classic Belgian waffle with fruit and maple syrup!

  7. Wow. Those all look spectacular!

  8. I am so with you on the waffles over pancakes debate. I’ll admit that I’m more interested in sweet than savory waffles, but honestly I’ll take them any way I can get them. When we make them (too infrequently), I try to make a few extras and freeze them. I pop them in the toaster on weekdays – so much better than plain toast:)

  9. Gheesh! I shouldn’t have read this before dinner. Great round up. I really need to get a waffle maker. Those pumpkin ones sound and look delicious.

  10. Ahhh, I loooove waffles! I can’t wait to eat my way through this list. My favorite recently has been these acorn squash waffles I’ve been making with oats and whole wheat flour – so good!

  11. Thanks for including my Mexican Inspired Waffles in this gorgeous roundup!! Can’t wait to make some waffles after seeing all these mouthwatering recipes.

  12. These all look amazing!! I know what I’ll be having for breakfast this weekend 😉 Thanks for including my recipe.

  13. OMG these look soooo good esp. the whole wheat ginger bread waffles and the avocado waffles OMG!! oh and the mexican ones, what a fun little twist !! I love breakfast for dinner 😀

  14. Oh my goodness!! What a fabulous roundup!! I’m dying to try the pumpkin waffles! But the gingerbread ones looks fabulous too! Thanks for posting this!

  15. This makes me want brunch immediately! All of these look divine. I prefer waffles to pancakes, too. For me it’s those grooves that perfectly hold the syrup. 🙂

  16. What a fab collection of recipes but those Mexican ones sound amazing.

  17. YUMMY…these all look mouth watering and I want them ALL!

  18. I don’t even have my coffee yet, this is so unfair! I would LOVE one of your waffles, any one of them, right now! YUM! Pinned.

  19. I’ve never been a great fan of waffles but I have to admit that this post has given me some real inspiration. I honestly didn’t realise they could be so versatile!

  20. LOVE waffles! Our waffle maker is by far our favorite kitchen appliance. 🙂

  21. Such a fun roundup of yummy recipes! Even better that they are all holiday themed 🙂 Oh, good smells all day, everyday!

  22. I’ll take waffles over pancakes! And savory waffles- oh yum!

  23. I’m not sure why either, but my love for waffles > pancakes by far!! Definitely pinning this for future waffle making 🙂

  24. Our family loves waffles. I make them all the time. There’s something about that crunchy outside and fluffy inside that really warms you up on a cold morning! Great roundup of waffle recipes

  25. Definitely mouth watering! It’s like you read my mind! I was just talking with my coworkers today about how we should get an office waffle maker for fun haha

  26. Thanks, Liz. Now I need to get a waffle maker!😜 These look amazing!

  27. Fantastic collection of waffle recipes 😀 Love them all, but especially the almond caramel waffles 😀

  28. Omg
    Waffles R my life! I love this round up so much

  29. I so want waffles after reading this. Haven’t had any in way too long. I’m rather fancying a cheese one at the moment.

  30. Thank you for including us in this great round up. Gosh, you’ve got so many great waffle recipes in this post. There’s not one I’d turn down.

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