What [We] Ate Wednesday

Remember when I asked for some recipe ideas for a meat-eater that doesn’t like vegetables?

Well you were all awesome at giving me suggestions. I’ve made chickpea tacos, I’ve made tamale pie. Both pretty succesful. But do you know what I’m up against? I don’t think you do. Since it’s What I Ate Wednesday, let’s take a look at a day of eats for me vs. a day of eats for the veggie-hater.


Breakfast for me:

Apple + peanut butter (and a couple handfuls of Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Cinnamon Oat cereal)

I was out of yogurt, and since a friend was staying on our couch due to the power outage, I thought it would be rude to use my vitamix 😉 Hence the unusual breakfast.

Breakfast for the Veggie-hater:

Nothing. (I don’t know how anyone can start their day without breakfast.)

Lunch for me:

Trader Joe’s spiced soybeans! Check out the nutritional facts (and be sure to double it, because seriously, who eats half a package?) Yes, that’s 400 calories, 28 grams of protein and 24 grams of fiber.

I also had some soy crisps for a little afternoon snack. Oh and multiple cups of coffee.

Lunch for the veggie hater:

Nothing. Wait, what? I know. Don’t worry, he normally eats a Lunchable.

Later that day…

*Phone rings* I don’t answer, because I’m busy pole dancing.

*I call him back*

He complains that he’s starving because he hasn’t eaten all day. After a 15 minute discussion of what we could both eat, we decide he should just pick up some food for himself and bring it over, and I’ll eat my vegetables.

Dinner for me:

Salad topped with hummus and almonds (I later added some salsa) plus a baby sweet potato topped with almond butter. (If you’re dying for another picture of this, see Monday’s post.)

Dinner for the veggie-hater:

An entire pepperoni pizza + orange soda.


Do you see what I’m up against?


  1. i really don’t think i could go a day without breakfast.

    oh those empty plates make me giggle.

  2. Oh that sounds like my Hubby!!! I made him breakfast to go today, but he is a shocker, he hardly eats all day at work and then comes home starving!! He particularly hates it when I serve him up a whole plate full of veg and not much meat for dinner!!! Food looks great by the way!

  3. Oh my. Sounds like my problem. Living with him has made me so lazy cause I just get annoyed when I cook a big meal that I think is delicious then he’s like “where’s the meat”. Screw you! This was hard and delicious! But I love him.. Le sigh.

  4. Is it wrong that I was tempted by the pizza? 😉

  5. ahahah oh gosh sounds like my bro!

  6. I don’t know how someone can go all day without eating, then come home and eat a whole pizza. I’d feel sick! Men are weird lol… great idea for a WIAW post!

  7. Wow I wish I had a TJ’s here in Texas, those soybeans look so yummy!! My dad is the same way with eating, it’s so weird! I’ve come to one conclusion: all boys are silly haha

  8. Wow! that actually must be tough! I cannot believe the veggie hater does not eat breakie!! I would literally faint if I didn’t. Happy WIAW 🙂

  9. I honesty dont understand people who don’t eat breakfast! Its what gets me out of bed!!
    That salad looks sooo good!

  10. Love salad + hummus and almond butter + sweet potatoes! I’m addicted to sweet potatoes right now. Crazy that some people will go half the day w/o eating. I would be so cranky if I did that.

  11. Oh man. This is exactly like my boyfriend!!! Luckily living together honestly I have influenced him a LOT. He works construction so NOW he has to eat breakfast. On the weekend he sometimes doesn’t eat till 5 pm! coffee and cigarettes all day, omg. Luckily he is starting to realize he needs more veggies in his life! It’s a work in progress 😉

  12. Oh dear, the comparisons are stark! Maybe you’ll have to get more tricky? I’ve snuck veggies into my bf’s food and he eventually got used to it. Spinach tastes like nothing, so I’ve managed to incorporate that into smoothies, omelets, and pasta for the guy.

    • Haha he’s even started asking “Are these normal? Is there something weird in here?” I made cupcakes and he wouldn’t taste one until I told him they were from a box. I mean, come on!!

  13. My husband, Ralph is a meatasaurus, but he’s not a veggie hater, thank goodness. We work with it and we do ok, I think!

  14. haha, oh I can relate to that! Luckily my hubby has gradually changed his ways. I’ve got him eating quorn now and oats for breakfast!

  15. haha this sounds just like my house the first time i went vegetarian for a few months. but now we just finished a vegetarian month together….so there is hope! if my hubby could change then it is possible!

  16. Ahh, I feel the same why about breakfast. I NEED IT. always. Some people are just weird! 😉


  17. I burst out laughing at this post. I love the side-by-side comparisons. You know, it’ll get a lot easier if you ever live together. When my husband and I first moved in together, he was cooking porkchops and rice. I asked him what else he was going to make. He looked at me for a second and then said “I could make chicken.” Now? We make sides and veggies, he makes some meat, and we eat together – I just skip the dead animal bits.

  18. I don’t think I could live without breakfast!! I need something within half an hour after I wake up or there will be trouble 😉

    <3 <3

  19. oh no!! I don’t understand how people can’t eat breakfast. It is seriously my favourite meal, hands down. And veggies? LOVE THEM. My father is a sometimes breakfast-type and most often he won’t do the veggie thing, so I get it. He’s allergic to potatoes, tomatoes and corn, so that exits those, but still. Odd thing is that he loves lima beans? Go figure.
    But in all serious try mixing the veg things with what would normally be a regular meal. Like mac and cheese or tacos ( like you did). just subbing out the meat and in the veg. Remind them to taste how flavourful the veggies are.

  20. Too funny, those empty plates made me laugh out loud!
    How people can go without breakfast is beyond me – its the first thing i think about when i wake up 🙂
    Hidden vegetables are a good thing, i do that all the time to my BF though he does complain i put spinach in EVERYTHING!
    Great WIAW 🙂

  21. Hmm that sounds similar to my husband..I tend to give him hell for a few days after eating such nonsense though!

  22. Argh, seriously, ALL men are the same!! It soon catches up with them when they get older though! Your style of eating is why you are so healthy and will stay that way until you get old..and you will get old because you eat so healthy! 🙂

  23. Haha! That sounds like the way my brother eats. He sleeps super late, won’t eat for hours, and then eat a box of cereal or a few burritos or something. I will never understand how anyone can skip a meal, especially breakfast!

  24. This may be my favorite WIAW EVER!! I love seeing what people eat vs. their significant others 🙂

  25. That’s totally my husband. At least you aren’t married to him, that brings about a whole new level of frustration!

  26. Ah! I love this post, it goes along with how me and my boyfriend eat! It is a daily struggle just to decide where to go/what to eat for lunch or dinner because he always wants take out Chinese or pizza.

  27. Oh dear God!

    Ok so my boyfriend eats a whole heck of a lot more than I do and I know he craves a lot of things that I personally would never eat – calzones, and pizza, etc. I’ve resigned to letting him eat them of course, but I try to make him these things so that I can make him the healthified but still very tasty varieties of these foods. Even the healthified version that I prepare for him is only pseudo-healthified compared to a version I would prep for myself but at least I know what is going into his body is a little bit lower in fat, sodium, and fake processed garbage.

  28. Haha! Too funny. Kevin does that sometimes. He’ll say, “I’m soooo hungry; I haven’t eaten in since X.” I don’t feel badly for him at all. He’s an adult. He knows how to feed himself!

  29. I never have and never will understand people who don’t eat breakfast and lunch! My friends will go until 2 or 3 in the afternoon without eating then eat massive amounts and wonder why they’re overweight and/or don’t have the energy to exercise. It makes me want to scream! Especially when they then discount everything I do to be healthy and in shape by saying that I’m “naturally thin.” Gahh!!
    Okay rant over. On a happy note, Lunchables are awesome (if you don’t think about how the meat isn’t really meat). I was always a huge pizza Lunchable girl. THey grossed my mom out.

  30. haha. toooo funny….maybe you can make him a healthy pizza with ww crust and turkey pepperoni?

    another winner, you have to sneak it in…like veggie lasagna…or blend some spinach into your next batch of pancakes…he will NEVER notice the green hue. LOL

  31. also….parsnip fries?

  32. How can people not eat all morning/afternoon? I think I”d probably miss work before I’d skip breakfast 😀 I’d take a pizza for dinner, though…

  33. hahah this is awesome. and SO frustrating, I’m sure! I thought my boyfriend was bad…but this definitely trumps even him! my bf does skip breakfast sometimes–and I just don’t understand how that’s humanly possible ha.

  34. Apples plue Peanut Butter is the bESt!! 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  35. Bahahahah this post is hilarious! And so typical of most men…. I will never understand how someone can skip a meal, or even multiple meals, during the day. I’d go crazy!! And be very very cranky lol.

  36. bahahah i love you!! those spicy soybeans? I WANT THEMMMMMMM!

  37. I can’t get my head round not eating breakfast! And as for no lunch either….!
    I’ve just made some buckwheat and bean burgers which look so much like meaty ones, a veg-hater wouldn’t know… maybe bean burgers are the way forward? 🙂

  38. I might be the only person that can handle no breakfast, well I just eat a really really late breakfast sometimes, usually I don’t eat till around 10 or so. I just have learned that my body needs those few hours in the morning for water. My fiance is not vegetarian but lucky for me he does love vegetables and vegan style foods that I make, so I am grateful for that!!

  39. i understand the food dilema……while I will and do eat meat I am more concious now of where I buy said meat from. We do not have a Whole Foods locally so I try to stick with mainly vegetarian meals, the hubster complains. He was so excited to grill chicken wings tonight since I can’t really eat much of anything at the moment….wt*!

  40. I hear you Liz! I am up against the same thing with my hubs!!

    I’ve actually gotten Jeff to eat breakfast and lunch recently…only because I make it for him!

  41. This was too funny! Poor, hungry veggie-hater. 😉

    Side note: sweet potatoes with nut butter are the BEST!

  42. This post reminds me of my brother. yup this is what he does

  43. Oh goodness. At least he ate *something* for dinner, right?! I’d be passed out by 11am if skipped breakfast! Oh men and their mysterious ways… :-p I think your idea of cooking bacon may be the perfect solution to the problem.

    I’ve seen the spiced soybeans at TJ’s, but somehow they haven’t made it into my cart. Glad to know you give them a thumbs up! I’ll be sure to get them next time.

  44. Ha love this! My boyfriend has introduced oats for his breakfast and now voluntarily puts greens on his plate..result!

  45. holy crap! no wonder he ate an entire pizza – he starved all day long!!

  46. Just keep taking it slow. He sounds much like my husband when we first started dating! Now? Never skips a meal (including breakfast…which he always skipped), requests a salad with his lunch every day, gave up ALOT of junk, never drinks pop anymore…I couldn’t be prouder! how did I do it? slow influence…never forced, but I have to admit I did preach alot! I guess after 5 years, it’s finally paid off! People now ask HIM for nutrition advice!

    • Hahaha I’m so glad to hear there is hope!!! I’m also glad to hear someone else calls it “pop” 😉 I’m from Ohio and that’s what I’ve always called it, but now that I live in VA, everyone calls it “soda” and laughs when I say “pop”

  47. Wow. that’s rough. My parents don’t always make the best decisions as far as food goes, but if I make something they are willing to try it and usually enjoy it, and they really do try to make good decisions. I usually go with a quiche or a lasagna for veggie haters!

  48. Good lordy. Sad, I actually think a lot of people live like this. It’s hard to help someone if they don’t want to be helped/changed though. Just walk the walk, maybe it’ll look so good that he’ll want to join you 🙂

  49. hahaha that’s like me and my boyfriend! Some days he’ll give in and have a veggie meal with me other times he just wants some meat!

  50. No breakfast and no lunch? No wonder he ate the entire pizza! Wow, you def have your work cut out for you!


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