Lets clarify. I’m not very confrontational. I say sorry for things when I’m not really sorry. I don’t put up much of a fight. and I generally get along with people. I’m not the girl who’s going to look you in the eye and say I think your idea/opinion/outfit/personality/boyfriend/girlfriend is stupid. Besides, I generally like most people and most things. So it works. But when I read this awesome post from Christie, I realized I do struggle with judgment. Particularly on myself.

Why is it, when it comes to ME, the voice in my head can pretty much run off and say whatever she wants? Why do I think it’s acceptable to tell myself things I’d never dream of saying to anyone else?

“That idea is so stupid. Seriously.”

“Oh my gosh, what is your hair doing?”

“Don’t even think about speaking up. You’ll probably say something dumb.”

I mean come on, I would never dream of saying those things to someone else. So why do I let the beyotch within me unleash it’s wrath? It’s not like I spent my whole day beating myself up over things, but there are definitely moments when I’m doing nothing but tearing myself down.

So screw her. I’ve got positive things to be thinking about. I’m heading home to spend time with these lovely ladies 🙂

What are you telling yourself today?

<3 Liz