This week has been one for the books! We’ve had something going on every single night, which is kind of crazy, but also pretty awesome. This is the kind of post where, if I was talking to you in person, I’d start rambling on and  talking faster and faster until you have to sit me down and tell me to take a breath. But that’s just how I roll. The only downside of this type of week means I haven’t cooked a single dinner this week. Not one. Oops. But a lot of delicious food was consumed.

Monday night, my brother and sister-in-law called to see if we’d want to get dinner and of course I said yes! They were willing to come downtown-ish so I recommended Kuba Kuba since they’d never been.

kuba kuba.jpg

I’m kind of obsessed with their black bean soup and their avocado salad. So I got both. And then I couldn’t eat it all. But seriously, if you’re in Richmond (or anywhere in Virginia) you have to go to Kuba Kuba. It’s delicious.

Tuesday night we went to The Daily Kitchen & Bar for a Virginia Bloggers happy hour. They fed us a bunch of different dishes and I couldn’t resist a slice (ok fine, a couple of slices) of pizza. I also had a kombucha cocktail because when a bar offers kombucha cocktails, you don’t say no.

I got to hang out with these lovely ladies (and a few of their dates). Aren’t they gorgeous? Such a fun group of bloggers!

I don’t have any photos from Wednesday, but I spent the evening taking a child care class at our church to help out with the children’s worship program. I’m super excited to work with the kiddos!

Thursday night, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for my friend Samantha’s birthday. We met through blogging, and strangely enough, she ended up getting to know my brother and his wife through their church. Small world, huh?

Dinner with samantha designer in teal .jpg

(This picture is missing the couples with little children. Sorry, friends.) We had a good time celebrating!

Now it’s Friday, I’m headed up to DC for the day (for work) and then back down to Richmond for more social activities. We’re planning on going to Ardent Craft Ales for a friend’s going away party (um, yes that means we will have been there three weekends in a row, but who’s counting?) It’s a good thing we live near by. And despite what it sounds like, I actually have been squeezing in time at the gym here and there. I even have some treadmill (yes, treadmill) workouts to share with you guys soon!

Looking at a week like this makes me fall in love with Richmond all over again. It’s got great restaurants, great people, and a great community. Who could ask for more?

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done this week?