This post has nothing to do with food. Sorry. Wait no, I’m not really sorry. This is what I wanted to post about today, mmk? If you want a food post, go read any of my other posts. Or pretty much any blog on my blogroll.

I’m one of those people that apologizes for things that aren’t my fault, or for things I don’t really need to be sorry for. Does anyone else do this? At the very least, you probably know someone like this. I am that person. So these are things I tend to apologize for, that I’m really not sorry about:

1. I’m sorry you’re creepy and I don’t want to date you/kiss you/sleep with you. Why should I be sorry? You’re the one who’s creepy.

2. I’m sorry I don’t like beer. I think it tastes like rotten french fries. Every single kind tastes the same to me (i.e. gross). Guinness, Natty Light. You name it. Pass me some Kombucha instead. Mmk? Thanks.

3. I’m sorry I don’t eat meat. Sometimes I feel like I’m an inconvenience for not just eating what everyone else is eating. But that’s my choice, no? Pass me the carrot sticks, please.

4. I’m sorry It’s past my bed time. I need my sleep. Give me a good reason to stay up late, and I will. Give me a lame reason, and I’m going to sleep.


I’m all for apologizing if you do something wrong, but lately, I’ve realized that sometimes I apologize when I shouldn’t. I don’t think it’s all that bad, except that sometimes I apologize instead of standing up for myself. Apologizing has become my cop-out to avoid confrontation.

Are you an excessive apologizer? Does it drive you crazy when people apologize for things that aren’t their fault?

I’m going to work on standing up for myself when I should.

Happy Friday, loves. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

<3 Liz