My meals haven’t been anything terribly exciting, because I’m still try very very hard to avoid the grocery store unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve decided that’s one of the easiest ways to avoid spending money…

Two new tactics in the Battle of the Budget:

1. Don’t make more than 3 servings of any dish. Any more than that, and I won’t eat the left overs

2. Learn how to substitute ingredients. No more running to the store because I’m out of corn or kale


So lots of dinners have looked like this:


1 can diced tomatoes + 1 can of black beans (or chickpeas) + 1 bag of frozen peppers (or other vegetables) + tons and tons of spices = cheap dinner… and leftovers for lunch…

Dinners like this never get old to me. I love soups, and this combo is so filling. It’s also great when you have some veggies on the verge of death (you can easily toss in some zucchini or squash or onions in here).


You guys were SO helpful with grocery budget advice, so I’ve got a new question for you all!

What do you like to make when your produce is nearing it’s end? I’m really going to try to use up all my ingredients before they go bad, and sometimes, that can be the biggest challenge. I like to buy fresh ingredients but they don’t stay fresh for long!

Happy Friday

<3 Liz