Happy Friday! The Monday-holiday made this week go by a little faster which was nice. Honestly, I’m just so excited that summer has unofficially started! Even though it’s been raining a lot here, we’ve gotten to do some exploring around Virginia. Here are some of the things making me extra happy right now:

National Donut Day

protein donuts

Let’s just take a moment to recognize that it’s National Donut Day. We love donuts so much, we had a donut tower instead of a cake at our wedding. If you want to keep it healthy, make these mini protein donuts. And if you don’t, get the chocolate frosted with sprinkles kind because that’s the best. (If you’re in Richmond- the girls behind Let’s Share a Dish have you covered with this guide!)

Gymboss Timer

gym boss interval timer

If you’ve ever done an interval/tabata style workout, this Gymboss timer (<–affiliate link) will be your best friend. The Tone It Up plan has me doing 5 daily moves for 1 minute each, 2x through. (Did you follow that?) The point is, I can set this timer to give me 10 1min intervals and then it’ll just give me a beep and I’ll know to move to the next one. This sounds kind of silly but it’s so much easier than resetting my phone timer between every single move. You can even set it to give you a few seconds between sets to get ready for the next move. I’m telling you, if you do any sort of interval training, you should get this.

Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix

The nice folks at Flapjacked sent me some pancake and muffin mix to try and I have to say, it’s pretty delicious. I think I prefer the pancake/waffle mix over the muffins but the muffins are nice because they’re in individual servings and you can make it whenever. I’m keeping some of those in my desk for snack attacks.

protein pancake breakast

So if you want a carb-y breakfast without all the actual carbs, it’s a nice option. Plus, isn’t that waffle beautiful?

Local Vineyards

loving cup vineyard

Alex and I visited a few new-t0-me wineries in Charlottesville over the long weekend. First, we went to Delfosse which was pretty small but they had plenty of space for a picnic and we enjoyed a bottle of Pino Gris under a tree with some cheese we’d picked up from the farmer’s market. I really can’t ask for anything more than that.


Afterward, we went to Loving Cup which we’d never even heard of but we happened to see the sign and decided to give it a shot. Not only was the staff super friendly but I learned that they’re the only certified organic vineyard in the Commonwealth. I’d never really thought about the organic-ness of wine but it was interesting to learn a little bit more about it. We shared a bottle of rose and it was delicious. Not a bad way to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary!

What are you loving lately?

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