One of the best parts about blogging is joining in an amazing community of other bloggers! I guess you could think of other bloggers as competition but I’ve met so many friends through blogging that I like to think of it as more of a team. As much as I love making up my own recipes there are a few I’ve tried from other food bloggers that I just can’t get enough of. They’re so good that it’s worth following the recipe exactly. I bet I’ve made each of these recipes at least a dozen times.

Brittany’s garlicky kale salad is actually a “copycat” recipe from Whole Foods and she nailed it. This has been my favorite kale salad dressing for years now. I don’t live super close to a Whole Foods so it’s nice being able to make it from home! Every recipe I’ve tried from Brittany’s blog has been delicious but this is one I just can’t stop making. And like all her recipes, it’s healthy!


Jenna’s Channa Masala recipe was the first Indian recipe I tried. Honestly, I didn’t know anything at all about Indian food so I knew I needed to follow a recipe. This one did not disappoint. I still make it at least once a month. I love that the spiciness level can be adjusted so if I’m making it for myself I can make it my-eyes-are-watering spicy, but I can tone it down if I’m cooking for others. The other great thing about this dish is that most of the ingredients aren’t perishable, so I can keep my pantry stocked at all times.

Jenn’s tomato soup with mozzarella balls is one of Alex’s favorite recipes and it’s a perfect week night dinner! The tomato soup alone is perfect but the mozzarella balls take this tomato soup to a whole new level. It’s like your tomato soup married your grilled cheese and you’re like… finally.  I could basically eat this every day and be content.

I’ve been attempting more recipes lately because even though following a recipe is harder for me that just throwing something together, it’s a great way to learn a few things!

What are some of your favorite recipes?