This past week has been nothing short of perfect! Alex and I started our honeymoon on Monday, enjoying the beaches in South Carolina. We stayed at a wonderful resort, relaxed on the beach, ate some tasty food, and even squeezed in some Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga!

After a few days on the sands, we headed into downtown Charleston where we’ve been staying at the Francis Marion hotel, a beautiful historic place surrounded by lots of shops and restaurants. I’m in heaven. We rented bikes on Wednesday and rode around the city for a couple of hours taking in as many sights as possible. Yesterday, we began the day at an adorable little coffee shop called Whisk. We split a bagel and a muffin (ok, basically a cupcake) and a couple of coffees. The place was awesome and I want to go back for some juice.

charleston walking tour Collage.jpgAfter breakfast, we took a Civil War walking tour, learning about the history of Charleston while ducking under shade whenever possible to stay cool.

Last night, we stopped by a BYOB art place for a little wine and painting. Armed with a bottle of Rex Goliath and a little help from the artists, we enjoyed the evening.

me and my painting.jpg

 Not even a filter can make this painting look fancy but Alex and I had fun painting and I’m pretty sure that’s what matters.

I can’t even begin to list out all the amazing food we’ve eaten but I have to share a few pictures from this awesome place called Butcher & Bee. The area itself reminded me of Scott’s Addition in Richmond and this little gem was nestled in between some sort of factory and a brewery.

butcher and bee restaurant

We had something called a “Sabich” with a kale slaw & fries.  The sandwich itself was a grilled pita stuffed with eggplant, potatoes, hardboiled eggs, tahini, and harisa. The kale slaw was absolutely perfect and the fries came with a homemade ketchup.

Tomorrow we head back to reality but this place has been amazing and Charleston will always hold a special place in my heart!

What’s the last city you visited?