Ok fine. I admit it. Sometimes I go an entire weekend without ever really cooking anything. Stop judging! It happens. When you’re in walking distance of so many cute restaurants, it’s hard not to bounce around from one place to the next. Since I had a long weekend, I had even more time to hit up some of my favorite local spots.

So here’s What I Ate Wednesday: RVA Edition.


I woke up to a typical smoothie. Nothing exciting. But after breakfast, I headed to Lamplighter for a cup of (strong) coffee.

If you’re looking for a super hipster coffee shop, this is your place. It was such perfect weather, I sipped on this cup in the sunshine. Perfect way to spend a morning.


For lunch, I met up with Conor at Kitchen 64 and had my favorite salad… Greek. Love me some Feta.


Sunday night, I stopped by Don’t Look Back for some delicious tacos. I had a black bean taco and a TVP taco. I loooove TVP. (I know, I know, textured vegetable protein doesn’t sound delicious, but trust me. It is.)

This place is so freaking delicious. I blogged an “official” review on Virginia Bloggers here. But the point is, if you live in Richmond, you should go eat there. It’s also pretty cheap, at $3 a taco. Just go. Tell them I sent you.


With a city this beautiful, how can I not go exploring? Richmond, you’re wonderful.

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop in your city?