The kitchen has been getting of lot of use around here. My mom and I have been baking up a storm in preparation for Christmas. We made a batch of these sugar cookies, with this homemade frosting recipe, a batch of these chocolate chip cookies, and a tray of chocolate covered pretzels.

christmas baking

 If you’ve never done these pretzel + chocolate “hug” + M&M treats, give it a try. They’re so simple!

  • Unwrap the Hugs, and place one on each pretzel.
  • Pop the pretzels and hugs in a warm oven for a few minutes to let it soften.
  • Then top with an M&M and set aside to cool.

These are so easy and so festive!

Lets talk about friends for a minute and how mine are the coolest ever. I went to my friend Kelly’s for a Christmas party, and left with a brand news pair of Asics! She had a pair she didn’t need and we just so happen to be the same size shoe. They’re a stability shoe, which is just what I needed. Now I can retire my Brooks and break in these colorful beauties!

asics running shoes

They’re so comfortable and I love the super bright color. Aren’t they awesome? I took them for a spin around the neighborhood with my mom and they felt great. I did a quick set with free weights with them and they were perfect. I can’t wait to wear these again! Plus, it’ll give me a little more motivation to keep burning off all of those Christmas cookies…

What’s your current favorite running shoe?