This time of year is notoriously bad for your health. People are stressed, eating copious amounts of sugar, and skipping their workouts. It’s a shame that the most wonderful time of the year can really leave you feeling kind of sluggish and icky. That’s not a great way to start 2015. And I’m sure you’ve already heard the tips about eating the carrots and celery at the holiday party so these are a few unconventional tips. Here are a few things that I’m doing to stay healthier during the holidays!

These 5 healthy holiday tricks will help you navigate the holidays and start 2016 feeling your best!

1. Chew gum while making cookies. I love baking and I loooove eating cookie dough. But let’s be honest, after eating 5 spoonfuls of cookie dough, the cookies themselves loose their sparkle. So rather than eat your weight in chocolate chips, chew some gum while you’re baking. Once the cookies come out of the oven, you’ll actually enjoy eating one rather than skipping the baked ones because you’re dealing with a sugar hangover.

2. Skip your workout class. I know, I know, that sounds counter intuitive. But hear me out: I love group exercise classes. They motivate me so much more than working out on my own. But, over the holidays I have to face the reality that a class ends up taking almost twice as long as a workout at home. Think about the time you spend driving to your yoga class, waiting for the class to start, driving home… Sometimes we spend more time in the car than we do sweating. So on the super-busy-long-to-do-list-days, skip the drive and do a workout at home. The Nike Training Club App and the Tone It Up workouts are some of my favorite ways to sweat at home!

3. Keep “treat opportunities” in mind. Reminding yourself that you’ll be enjoying a glass of Prosecco at happy hour can make it easier to pass on the brownies in the afternoon meeting. While I’m not saying to always pass on treats, recognizing when you’ll get to enjoy the next one can make it easier to pass on the ones you don’t love.

4. Fill up on protein. Fruits and veggies are great, but nothing will keep you full quite like protein. Think about things like almonds, Greek yogurt, and eggs or protein sources with fiber like chickpeas and edamame. These things will keep you full so it’ll be easier to pass on the temptations rather than fill up on cookies because you’re running on empty.

5. Remember that this is a time to celebrate! Don’t let the stress of the holidays weight you down mentally. Carve out a little time for yourself when you can. Buy cookies rather than make them if that’ll make it easier! Trader Joe’s frozen dinners and the Roomba have been my besties this holiday season. Cut corners when you can! Don’t stress about taking a shortcut.

What are your healthy holiday tricks?