What I Ate [on a Budget] Wednesday


Life has been kind of crazy lately, but when isn't it kind of crazy? I've been running from one thing to the next, including a cooking demo @ Whole Foods with Brittany and Stephanie. SO fun and  I'm glad I finally got to join them for one of the … [Continue reading]

Spreadable Peanut Butter Cup Filling


I was planning on posting an oatmeal muffin recipe today. But let's just say, the recipe testing didn't go as planned, and the muffins ended up tasting the chewy cardboard. Fail. But that's part of the trial-and-error process, no? Luckily, I didn't … [Continue reading]

5 Ingredients or Less- Coming Your Way


Remember the time I posted that recipe with 1,489 ingredients, and 19 steps, which basically took all day to actually do? Yeah, me either. If you've read my blog for more than a week, then you know this is not the place to come for … [Continue reading]

The Naked Dress- Fashion Faux Pas


I don't normally post on Thursdays, but this is being posted by popular demand. I was tweeting yesterday about my accidentally see through dress. Yeah. Oops. This is what I saw in the mirror before leaving the house: But that's not what you see … [Continue reading]

What I Was [Convinced] to Eat Wednesday


If you follow me on twitter, then maybe you saw my tweet about this. (What? You don't follow me on twitter? Really? Then click here and do it.) My dinner Monday night was actually kind of funny. After a 3 hour Monk marathon on Netflix, the … [Continue reading]

Product Reviews from Lolihop!


So the weekend literally flew by. I don't think I opened my computer at all. That's how busy it was. I actually have lots from the weekend I want to blog about, but I haven't had time to write up a post. So details to come. But for now, I have … [Continue reading]

Guest Post from the “Cleansing” BFF


Hey friends! I'm so excited about this post! My bff, Alexa, offered to write me a guest post about her journey to healthy-things, and most recently her cleanse. (Remember those cleanse approved recipes I blogged about? That was for Alexa!) Me & … [Continue reading]

What I Ate Wednesday- Breakfast Edition


Don't worry, I'll still follow the rules. I'm not just going to show you a weeks worth of breakfast or something. That would be really really boring, since I basically rotate the same 2-3 things for breakfast. But it just so happens that almost … [Continue reading]

One of These is Not Like the Other….


First off, your comments on my last post rocked! I never ceases to amaze me how grounded you people are! Almost everyone echoed the same thing about eating healthy in moderation, without going overboard. So true, and so awesome! As much "fun" as it … [Continue reading]

Cleanse Approved Recipes


In case you didn't know, I take requests. So when my bff asked me for some recipes that she could eat on her cleanse diet, I had to oblige. Yep, I'm that nice. Just to be clear, I'm not endorsing (or following) this cleanse. But I did want to be … [Continue reading]