Vegucated: Thoughts & Ramblings


I've still been battling a pretty nasty cold, so much of the weekend was spent at home, on the couch. In an attempt to be somewhat productive, Alex and I watched Vegucated, a documentary about veganism which had been in my Netflix queue for awhile. … [Continue reading]

Flat Belly Foods

good belly shot

It's about time I gave you an update on the Good Belly challenge! I took the "Good Belly 12 Day Challenge" and saw some interesting results. 1. I do think it helped my digestion/bloating. Being someone that eats a ton of raw vegetables, this can … [Continue reading]

Sick Day of Eats

soup and squash

Monday night I started feeling that scratchy feeling in my throat, so I had a feeling that a cold was coming. Sure enough, I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat, a headache, and a generally achy feeling. Not so fun. After going to the grocery store at … [Continue reading]

Thrifting Finds & RVA Brunch Club

EAT Brunch

I'm feeling pretty lucky. If you know me at all, you know I've fallen in love with the city of Richmond, and I continue to be blessed by meeting wonderful, interesting people. This weekend was filled with some blog-worthy adventures. Saturday … [Continue reading]

Relay Foods Bounty Box Review

relay foods produce

So remember that bounty box I was talking about? Well it's time I give you some details on it, because I've decided it's pretty freaking sweet. What is a bounty box you ask? It's a giant box filled with tons of local produce, whatever is in season, … [Continue reading]

Turnip & Potato Cakes

turnip and potato cakes

Today was filled with a lot of new-to-me foods, including the Planter's peanut butter I had with my protein shake, the VitaTop I packed as a snack, and the turnips I turned into dinner. I wouldn't say I loved all of them... but I do like trying new … [Continue reading]

Oven Baked Zucchini Fries


I'm literally eating these zucchini sticks while I'm writing this post. I'm getting salt on the keyboard. But I can't stop eating them. And I knew I needed to blog about these right away. Well, right after I instagrammed them. I can't even take … [Continue reading]

Vegetarianism 101: How to be a Vegetarian

Over the past few months, I've had a lot of people tell me they want to start eating more vegetarian meals. Maybe it's resolutions for the new year, or maybe it's just curiosity, but I realized I haven't really blogged much about being a vegetarian. … [Continue reading]

What I [Snacked On] Wednesday

breakfast good belly

I haven't been sticking to the Tone It Up meal plan very strictly, but one thing I did learn from the 7 day slim down was that I need more snacks during the day, rather than at night. (Contrary to what my mouth believes, I don't actually need mounds … [Continue reading]

5 Ingredient Potato Soup

Potato soup

It was a bit chilly this weekend here in Richmond, so it was the perfect excuse to make a huge batch of soup. It had been awhile since I had made any, and after discussing how potato soup was a college favorite... we just had to make some on … [Continue reading]