My New Motto


I hear this phrase all the time from one of my managers at work, and I've started loving it: Work smarter, not harder. I love this, because it's all about being more efficient. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like life is jam-packed with … [Continue reading]

What I Ate [in Manhattan] Wednesday


I'm in New York for a few days, for a work conference, so I'm snapping pics like a mad-woman. I'm sure I just look like a camera crazed tourist, but that's ok. I could have made this one of those "how to eat healthy when your traveling posts" but I'm … [Continue reading]

Impractical Kitchen Appliances


Happy Monday, friends! This weekend flew by. Friday night, I laid low thanks to allergies, but Saturday night, Eric and I attended a charity benefit for Equality Virginia, and not only was it really inspiring, it was a ton of fun. (However, the … [Continue reading]

What’s in the bag…


Hi, I'm a vegetarian, and I get plenty of protein. I'm not going to go off on a rant about how I'm asked this question almost every day of my life. The fact is, I get plenty of protein. Most of the time, it's from things like beans, whole grains, or … [Continue reading]

What I [Balanced] Wednesday


Before I recount my day of eats... I have an important announcement! Just when you thought Sarah and I were joking with the #VAis4bloggers hashtag...we are making it reality! We love the community that blogging has provided us and  want to make … [Continue reading]

Weekend Activities & Eats


The weekend was a bit of a blur, but lots of fun. Friday night, we went to Blow Toad, a new local pizza place. It was delicious, but unfortunately... I forgot my camera. (Or more specifically, I forgot my camera card. oops.) But I got to hang out … [Continue reading]

Veggie Quinoa Stir Fry


That's what I got, when I handed G-love his plate of stir-fry... containing quinoa. But thankfully, after convincing him to try it, he finished the whole plate (and went back for seconds) which is pretty solid proof that quinoa is a perfect … [Continue reading]

Granola Winner!


Time to announce the giveaway winner for the cookie dough granola! Instead of a random number generator, I decided to let G-love do the choosing: So #17 is... Congrats, downtherabbithole6! Please e-mail me your address :) If you can't find … [Continue reading]

What I [Am Loving] Wednesday


Maybe it's the sunshine... But I've been in an [extra] happy mood this week. Maybe it's because it started off with good wine and great friends? We had an informal [VAis4bloggers] meet up at Secco Wine Bar in Carytown, so I enjoyed some wine with … [Continue reading]

Shufflin’ Down Monument Ave


Saturday morning, Eric and I ran in the Monument Avenue 10K, which a huge race in Richmond. (41,000 people participated!) Eric and I decided we needed costumes this year... We got some lots of laughs, which made the 6.2 miles fly by! My goal was to … [Continue reading]