Spaghetti Squash Lasagna [Vegetarian & Gluten Free]

spaghetti squash lasagna

On Tuesday night, when Alex gave this meal two thumbs up, I explained that it was actually pretty healthy and he responded: "If this is healthy, we should eat it every night." So there you go folks, this one was a winner. The reason it doesn't … [Continue reading]

A Vegetable Filled Day

aloo gobi

After many birthday indulgences and frequent dinners out, I decided to try to reign things back in on Sunday. Luckily, our kitchen was well stocked with groceries from Relay Foods so I was ready to get some fruit & veggies back into my … [Continue reading]

Roasted Chickpeas, Red Potatoes, and Asparagus

roasted chickpeas and potatoes

I did the thing I've been trying NOT to do this summer. I heated up the oven. I've avoided it pretty well lately but I just couldn't resist cranking it up to 400 for the bundle of asparagus in my fridge. We don't have a grill and I didn't feel … [Continue reading]

Tiny Tweaks: How to Eat Less Meat

tips for eating less meat

I've been a vegetarian for about 9 years now, but I don't really try to convert people to vegetarianism. I do believe that a little bit of ethically raised, organic meat can be good for you. (Honestly, I just don't have any desire to eat it.) I'm … [Continue reading]

San Francisco Eats


I'm in San Francisco this week for a conference so I thought I'd recap a few of my meals while traveling! To be honest, yesterday was a really weird day. My flights to San Francisco were super delayed on Monday so rather than getting in at 9pm … [Continue reading]

Bagels, Mead, and Birthday Surprises

pearls cake

We spent most of the weekend celebrating by birthday, which made me feel like a lucky girl! On Friday night, a few friends came over for cake, ice cream, and champagne! The cake was from Pearl's, a local bakery that makes some seriously delicious … [Continue reading]

Things Making Me Happy!

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I'm another year older today! Rather than doing a whole long look back at this year, I'll just skim through the highlights so I can share some other things I'm loving lately! I'd say getting a second nephew, buying a house, and celebrating our first … [Continue reading]

Sunday’s Meals

veggie fried rice

I mentioned on Monday's post that we had a pretty busy weekend but I thought I'd recap my meals from Sunday in honor of What I Ate Wednesday! I've been doing this for years now and sometimes it's fun to go back and see how my meals have changed over … [Continue reading]

Black Bean and Quinoa Slow Cooker Chili

black bean slow cooker chili

I feel like you generally think of slow cooker recipes as being a cold weather thing. But personally, I try to do everything I can to avoid cranking up the oven on a hot day. Our poor little A/C window unit works hard enough that I feel bad turning … [Continue reading]

My Sugar Free Detox Recap

sugar free detox

We did it! Alex and I stuck with our sugar free experiment for 4 weeks! If you missed the catalyst for all this, we watched Fed Up, a documentary about the food system and the insane amount of sugar we eat. The move recommended taking a "10 day … [Continue reading]