Baked Goat Cheese + Mixed Greens

baked goat cheese and mixed greens.jpg

Salads for dinner used to be a fairly frequent occurrence until Alex and I started dating. Many nights I wouldn't really cook dinner. I'd eat some yogurt or a smoothie or a salad. (Or maybe all three.) But once Alex and I started dating, I got in the … [Continue reading]

Treadmill Workouts (No Running Required)


Alex and I spent the weekend in southern Ohio for a family reunion on my mom's side. It's always fun getting together with the extended family and we had a great time playing Euchre and eating too much ice cream. Matching shirts for the … [Continue reading]

Now We Dance [Wedding Photos Part 2]

wedding chalkboard sign instagram guestbook table

Sure, everyone loves a good wedding ceremony, but let's be honest- the real fun is at the reception. That's where we really got to play with decorations and let our imaginations run wild. Besides, who doesn't dream of a donut cake? We held our … [Continue reading]

That Time We Got Married [Wedding Photos Part 1]

chalkboard sign

I understand why people get nervous on their wedding day. It's kind of a big deal, committing your life to another person on what is probably the most logistically complicated day of your life. But on May 31st, I wasn't nervous- I was excited. I … [Continue reading]

Quinoa and Avocado Bowl (with lime + feta)

quinoa and avocado bowl.jpg

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was full of relaxation, patriotic activities, and lots of delicious food. We went to a historical reenactment of Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech at St. John's church (where it … [Continue reading]

Happy 4th of July

Alex and I .jpg

I hope all of you are having a wonderful 4th of July! (For those of you not in the states... happy Friday?) We kicked things off with dinner at Weezie's Kitchen and then a little wine on the balcony. We're going to be traveling the next couple of … [Continue reading]

Things I’m Loving Lately


I'm usually telling you about the latest thing I ate, but there are a few other favorites I've discovered over the past month or two, so I thought I'd switch things up and share those. Morroccan Oil. My friend Christina gave me this (she wasn't … [Continue reading]

Feta and Orzo “Pasta Salad”

pasta salad with chickpeas

Isn't pasta salad kind of a strange thing? Who decided cold pasta could be a picnic staple? I'm generally not a huge fan of it. If I want pasta, I want it served hot, with a spicy marinara sauce, or maybe some garlic bread and olive oil. But I don't … [Continue reading]

Life Lately: A Week of Social Activity

Dinner with samantha designer in teal .jpg

This week has been one for the books! We've had something going on every single night, which is kind of crazy, but also pretty awesome. This is the kind of post where, if I was talking to you in person, I'd start rambling on and ┬átalking faster and … [Continue reading]

10 Snacks Under 200 Calories

10 snacks under 200 calories

I've always been a "grazer", as my mom would say. When I was younger, I much preferred to snack through the day, rather than eat large meals. I think I'm still that way, to some extent. (Who doesn't want to eat all day?) But I'm always trying to keep … [Continue reading]