Current Favorites

labor day favorites

On Friday I shared some of my recent grocery favorites but today I thought I'd switch it up and share some of my favorites outside of the kitchen! FitBit Alta Alex got me the Alta for my birthday and I love it. I had the Charge HR before … [Continue reading]

Summer Grocery Favorites

summer grocery finds

You guys know I looooove the grocery store. I'd much rather browse the grocery shelves than clothing racks. Not sure what that says about me... but I can't resist trying new products! I've tried some great ones and some not-so-great ones this summer … [Continue reading]

Weekday Meals


How is it already Wednesday?! I feel like the days have been flying by. I'm surprised I actually remembered to snap a few photos of what I ate yesterday! Let's just jump right into the food! I woke up early yesterday to go on a run with my friend … [Continue reading]

Vegetarian Taco Soup

This vegetarian taco soup recipe is the perfect weeknight meal! It's a one pot recipe that'll help you get dinner on the table in minutes!

You can feel it in the air. Summer is winding down and calendars are already filling up with fall activities. I'm excited. Although summer doesn't officially mean anything different for our household (no kids, no one in school) you can just feel the … [Continue reading]

Gluten Free Strawberry Muffins


These gluten free strawberry muffins are so moist & delicious! The mini size is perfect for snacking! I might have been a little ambitious. I was browsing the new Wegman's grocery store and I spotted a deal on strawberries. I just can't pass … [Continue reading]

Back into a Routine


August has been a bit of a crazy month. Birthday festivities, a trip to Minnesota, friends visiting from out of town... it's been so much fun. And even though my precious little routine might have been thrown off its axis, I've been loving every … [Continue reading]

A Tourist in Our Own City

Boulevard bridge

This past week, we had a few friends visiting from out of town and it was the perfect excuse to be a tourist in our own city. And by be a tourist I really mean have an excuse to go to all of my favorite places in Richmond and eat all my favorite … [Continue reading]

Easy Tomato Cucumber Salad

tomato cucumber salad

I love cucumbers. I think they're kind of an underrated vegetable. They're nice and crunchy on salads and they're a perfect vessel for things like hummus or guacamole. Plus they're relatively inexpensive and they keep well in the fridge. How many … [Continue reading]

Busy Day Meals

tomato cucumber salad

I'm going to save the topic of "being busy" for a different post and just start by saying that this week has been a little crazy. We got back from Minnesota late Sunday night and hit the ground running at work on Monday. We had hardly any … [Continue reading]

How to Measure Ingredients for Baking

Measuring your ingredients correctly is SO important when baking! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you do it right.

I'm excited to share today's post from baking expert and fellow Virginia Blogger Alisa! Truthfully, baking is not my expertise but I love learning the techniques! I asked Alisa if she'd be willing to share some tips and tricks for baking newbies … [Continue reading]