Tzatziki and Chickpea Flatbread

chickpea flatbread

As we were driving home from church on Sunday, I was trying to think of what to make for dinner. I knew I had some naan in the freezer and I happened to have all of the ingredients to make tzatziki┬áso I wanted to do something with that. For a little … [Continue reading]

What I Ate: Fruits & Veggies

banana protein smoothie recipe

We spent the past weekend at the Heritage Harvest Festival which meant that our weekend was filled with lots of food and drinks. Once Sunday rolled around, I was ready to get back into some fruits and veggies. We rolled out of bed, I started a pot of … [Continue reading]

The Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival

apples from the heritage harvest festival

Alex and I spent most of our weekend in Charlottesville for the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello. It was basically a dream weekend, since it involved food, wine, and a whole bunch of folks who care about food quality, the environment, and … [Continue reading]

Current Favorite: Workouts & Instagrams


I was in a bit of a lull there for a few weeks where my workouts were just meh. Sometimes I just don't feel super motivated but we've got a beach vacation coming up so that was enough to start kicking my booty into gear! It also helped that while … [Continue reading]

What I Ate Yesterday

aloo gobi from Lemon in Richmond

After a totally perfect weekend of family, food, and lots of relaxing, I wasn't exactly hopping out of bed with excitement yesterday, but the thought of breakfast was enough to convince me to exit the sheets. For the first time in a long time I … [Continue reading]

Currently: Labor Day

new balance shoes

Happy Labor Day! Alex and I are enjoying a nice & relaxing 3 day weekend so I'll just give you a quick recap of what we've been doing. Currently wearing: I wanted some new shoes, mostly for walking. I've accepted the fact that I'm probably … [Continue reading]

Quinoa Tabbouleh

quinoa tabbouleh salad gluten free

I haven't been able to convince Cava Mezze to build a restaurant here in Richmond but it's one of my favorite quick stops when I'm in McLean for work. It's like a Mediterranean version of Chipotle and I love it. Luckily, they sell their hummus, … [Continue reading]

What I Ate… (But Didn’t Cook)

cafeteria lunch

This might be a record. I haven't cooked anything for an entire week. That's kind of crazy, since "food" is basically my hobby. But after spending 4 days in Minnesota with Alex's parents, we've spent the last few days in Richmond with my parents. … [Continue reading]

A Minnesota Weekend

Thomson Family

Alex and I spent most of last week in Minnesota visiting Alex's family. The reason for the visit was unfortunate, as Alex's grandfather passed away, but the time with his family was wonderful. I was glad I had the opportunity to meet Alex's grandpa a … [Continue reading]

Good Foods, Bad Foods, & The Dorito Effect

the dorito effect book review

Let me start out with a confession: Sometimes I think about foods as "good foods" and "bad foods". I know, I know, foods aren't supposed to fall into those categories and it's much more popular to say "all food is good, in moderation" but here's the … [Continue reading]