A Saturday in Richmond

donuts at the farmers market

So my goal for this day was to take pictures of things other than food. It was mostly a fail, which gave me a new appreciation for lifestyle bloggers in general. How do you take so many pictures? How do you get photos of yourself? I'm always behind … [Continue reading]

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

chocolate zucchin muffins

I've been loving the abundance of zucchini lately. Between zucchini pasta, zucchini pizza boats, and zucchini fries, I'd never made anything sweet with it. Since I wasn't sure how Alex would react to (yet another) dinner of zucchini, I decided to … [Continue reading]

Frugal Friday- Spaghetti Squash Bake

spaghetti squash bake

It's officially fall! Brooklyn was gorgeous. I wish I could have spent more time there. I did get to spend the evening at MakerBot, a 3D printing company (actually, the first 3D printing company!) and their office was super cool. The founder … [Continue reading]

A Day in the Kitchen

vegetarian breakfast with protein

Alex has been building a boat (yes, a boat) so he's been spending more time in the garage. As a result, I'm spending more time in the kitchen! Sunday was a lovely day for cooking and baking and it kept me busy, prepping for the week. I thought this … [Continue reading]

Lemon & Black Pepper Dressing

lemon and black pepper salad dressing

I worked last weekend in New York, which meant I basically had a 12 day stretch of work without a break so by the time Friday rolled around I was ready for the weekend. Alex took me out on a surprise date and I was thrilled when I figured out where … [Continue reading]

Frugal Friday- Vegetable Minestrone Soup


I know it's not officially fall yet but the temperature is in that perfect spot where it's not cold yet, but you can start eating pumpkin and wearing tights without feeling ridiculous. Last night, Alex and I went out for dinner and drinks with our … [Continue reading]

5 Tips for Better Sleep

sleep tips

I used to be bad at sleeping. Really bad. Like stay-up-all-night bad. And while I actually can function somewhat well of very little sleep, I'm much happier, more productive, and generally a nicer person when I've had a good night's sleep. Luckily, … [Continue reading]

Life Lately- Travels, Hobbies, & Home

dinner ideas

Phew. It's been awhile since I gave you a life update. I know this because my mom sent me an e-mail asking about how things were going. (That means I also haven't been good about calling. Oops.) As much as I don't want to say life is busy (because … [Continue reading]

Frugal Fridays- Warm Quinoa Salad

Phew, how is it Friday? This week has flown by. I was in DC on Wednesday & Thursday and today I'm headed to New York for the weekend. It's a little crazy trying to keep up with everything while traveling (not to mention trying to eat healthy on … [Continue reading]

3 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

eat more vegetables

It's no secret that I'm crazy for vegetables. I honestly do love them but if my only method for consuming vegetables was in a boring side salad, I probably wouldn't get too excited about that. It makes me sad when the only vegetables people eat are … [Continue reading]