Sunday’s Meals

veggie fried rice

I mentioned on Monday's post that we had a pretty busy weekend but I thought I'd recap my meals from Sunday in honor of What I Ate Wednesday! I've been doing this for years now and sometimes it's fun to go back and see how my meals have changed over … [Continue reading]

Black Bean and Quinoa Slow Cooker Chili

black bean slow cooker chili

I feel like you generally think of slow cooker recipes as being a cold weather thing. But personally, I try to do everything I can to avoid cranking up the oven on a hot day. Our poor little A/C window unit works hard enough that I feel bad turning … [Continue reading]

My Sugar Free Detox Recap

sugar free detox

We did it! Alex and I stuck with our sugar free experiment for 4 weeks! If you missed the catalyst for all this, we watched Fed Up, a documentary about the food system and the insane amount of sugar we eat. The move recommended taking a "10 day … [Continue reading]

Summer Meals

blue diamond almonds

So Alex and I are done with our sugar detox and I'll give you a whole recap of our experience on Friday but for now, I want to share some of our recent meals! I feel like the summer is flying by and it's been pretty action packed, but I wish things … [Continue reading]

Weekend Adventures


I haven't done much of a "life catch up" on here in awhile so I thought I'd show you what we were up to this weekend! Friday night, we went to Christina's birthday party where I'm pretty sure I saw half of Richmond. (Including fellow blogger … [Continue reading]

FitBit Charge HR: Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of a FitBit Charge HR

I got a FitBit a few months ago and I love it. (Ok, Alex would probably say I'm a little obsessed with it.) I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to tracking and quantifying health related things, so it's not too surprising that I fell in love with it … [Continue reading]

(Mostly) Sugar Free Meals (Week 4)

easy homemade larabars

After a few weeks of no sugar (except for the occasional piece of fruit) I'd say we've started sort of adding sugar back in. Still just in the form of fruit, but there's a little more fruit going on now. The crazy thing is, I swear grapes tasted … [Continue reading]

Fruity Chia Smoothie

healthy smoothie with chia seeds

This fruity chia seed smoothie is packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats! Although it has no added sugar, it still tastes like a sweet treat! Since Alex and I are on this no-added-sugar kick, fruit has been the only source of sweetness we've … [Continue reading]

Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles

i quit sugar recipe ideas

We've been "sugar free" for a few weeks now and my sugar cravings have subsided a lot but every once in awhile, I just want some chocolate. So after being inspired by  this recipe from the I Quit Sugar website, I decided to make my own version. … [Continue reading]

Sugar Free Meals (Week 3)

breakfast greek yogurt and berries

We’re wrapping up our third week of a sugar-free “detox” which basically means we’re avoiding any added sugar and cutting back on our fruit intake. It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’d say my sugar cravings have subsided a lot but … [Continue reading]