What I’ve Eaten (Lately)

I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in so long, which is crazy! I’ve been a little hesitant to share because my eats truly haven’t been all that “clean”. But then I realized hello, this is what I’m eating and it’s real life and it’s awesome. Some days I eat really healthy and some days I just want all the carbs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and I’m actually kind of proud that I’ve been “honoring my cravings” rather than eating what I think I’m supposed to eat.  There were days when I would have said no to toast because it was “too many carbs at breakfast” but you know what? If I want toast, I’m going to eat some toast. With butter. Because it’s delicious.

So here’s the real deal of what I’ve been eating lately:

toast breakfast

If there’s an avocado lying around, I’ll make avocado toast but let’s be honest, when is there ever extra avocado around here?! Most of the time, I just smear on some Kerrygold butter. Sometimes I get sprouted grain bread and sometimes it’s just plain whole wheat bread.

work salad

I don’t even remember the last time I packed my lunch for work. I’m obsessed with our salad bar so lately I’ve just been getting massive salads. (You’d laugh if you saw how huge this bowl is.) It’s such an easy way to get in tons of veggies and it really fills me up! I usually top it with some crackers and hummus, too.

I haven’t been snacking as much lately, either. (Who am I?!) Maybe I’ve just been eating bigger portions at breakfast and lunch, I’m not sure. If I do have a snack in the afternoon, it’s typically yogurt.

baked pasta

I’ve been eating a lot of pasta recently. And pizza. And tacos. Truthfully, this has been what I’ve been craving. Plus we’ve been super busy and I’ve just been grabbing whatever seems to be the fastest & easiest thing around. Sometimes that’s pasta or sometimes it’s just soup and a salad. It’s easy for me to start over-thinking it but lately, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to do that.

I think we often set impossible standards for ourselves based on what we see on our Instagram feed or what we read on the internet, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. A healthy balance means that sometimes your meals include carrot sticks and… sometimes they don’t. I could probably ramble about this for awhile but I’ll just leave it here so you can share what you think.

What have you been craving lately?


  1. A friend of ours has a huge garden and kale and spinach are abundant in his garden right now. So I am trying to prepare one green salad for dinner each evening. After years of disliking kale I am finally coming around to liking it. Finding that if I chop it up in little tiny pieces and toss it with lots of good quality olive oil, lemon juice, a spritz of balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, and toasted pine nuts it is delightful. Trying to eat healthy but craving potato chips…that craving will never go away!

  2. I love toast for breakfast! Sometimes you just needs carbs. I’ll smear some PB on my toast, but butter is awesome too. I’ve been craving Italian food lately. I just want garlic everything and I don’t know why lol.

  3. I seriously LOVE this, ‘this is what I’m eating and it’s real life and it’s awesome’; what you said is SO true and so freeing. When we begin to just eat what our bodies need; our bodies seem to respond really well; I’m thankful that you shared this WIAW Liz, cause carbs and pasta are yummy too.

  4. I completely agree! Instagram is not real life. It’s so curated that I worry it can discourage people sometimes. Your salad for lunch was totally IG worthy though. I’m still so jealous of your cafeteria, lol!

  5. i have been craving for sushi lately, so need to go take care of that very soon. that salad looks so fresh and good!

  6. I love this. I think we totally need to embrace the cravings and find a nice balance. Thanks for sharing your meals with us 🙂

  7. Never in my life have I heard about avocado toast…until today. And no kidding, you are the THIRD person to mention it! I think this is a sign from the avocado gods that I need to give it a try!

  8. Your pictures look super yummy!

  9. I think our cravings have been in the same boat these past weeks. I’ve definitely been craving carbs – specifically, breads – more than anything else recently and have been having my share of pasta, pizza and toast. Its great. It feels easy, fast, delicious. and it feels good in my body. Glad to see you ignoring those silly myths about carbs and giving yourself what you want.

  10. Well I always crave pizza and pasta and usually have it about once a week. Have to eat what you want in moderation to be happy

  11. I always crave sushi even if I just had it that day and anything spicy!

  12. It’s all about balance and moderation. I think if we constantly deny ourselves foods we enjoy how will we really enjoy our lives. If we follow an all in moderation approach, we’ll be so happy.

  13. Yum!! That salad looks so good. I wish we had something like that where I work!


  14. Salad bars@@ you’re lucky! I wish we had something like that at work or near work. The salad looks SO good, and rally its so easy to have those veggies prepped at home. Thanks for the post!

  15. I’ve been craving red meat like CRAZY which is so strange for me. BUT you have to listen to your body and I have 0 complaints about some lean steak or a burger haha!

  16. If I’ve learned anything over the past few years it’s embrace the cravings. There is literally nothing off limits. I know my body and I make food choices that work for me.

  17. Love this post girl. It’s so true that sometimes we get in our own heads and mess ourselves up – especially when we start comparing our eats to another’s. How funny is it that something that should be so simple [ listening to our bodies/honoring our cravings] can sometimes be so dang difficult?!

  18. Yum! I’ve been loving stir frys and pasta lately too! Not to mention baked oatmeal for breakfasts!

  19. That hummus is CALLING MY NAME. You made that look so good in that photo, dang! I’ve been loving fruit in my salads lately!

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