A Healthy Life Gift Guide

The holidays are around the corner and I’ve already started my Christmas shopping. I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite things in case you need some ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life! Whether it’s more activity or better sleep, all of these gifts can help you live a healthy life!

I personally own all of these things so these aren’t sponsored products but some of the links are affiliate links! 

Healthy Life Gift Guide

  1. Alex’s family got me this America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for Christmas last year and I LOVE it. Honestly, I rarely use cookbooks (even though I love reading them) but this is the exception. I’ve made quite a few recipes from this book and they’ve all been awesome. I love the format of it and even if you’re not a vegetarian, I think you’d enjoy it!
  2. Do I really need to tell you how much I love my FitBit Alta? Since I wear my FitBit all day every day, I was excited to upgrade from the Charge HR to this slender design. It has the option to change out the band and Alex got me this gorgeous pink leather band which is my favorite so far. It’s a little more discrete than the one I had before and since I wear it every single day, I like having the more subtle option.
  3. These Koss headphones are my favorite for running. They come in various sizes so I have a pair that actually stays in my ears. Fellow tiny-ear-friends, rejoice. They’re flexible and comfy so you won’t constantly be adjusting your headphones when you’re running.
  4. I can never have enough cropped workout pants. If you’re looking for a bargain, I’ve been happy with the quality-for-the-price from Old Navy. Also, the Lululemon running crops that I bought 4 years ago still look brand new. So they’re not cheap but I do think that a pair of Lulu’s makes a great gift. (Just a heads up, the sizing does tend to run small so if you’re buying for a loved one, you might want to go a size up. They won’t be offended.)
  5. I bought a pair of these New Balance 515’s last year and they’re awesome. They’re so comfortable but they’re cute enough to wear outside of the gym. They’re definitely not running shoes but they’re the perfect pair to throw on for a long walk around town. This pattern is one of my favorites but it’s a hard one to find!
  6. My mother in law got my this Cuisinart set a couple of years ago and I’m still in love with it. I needed an immersion blender so it does that job well for that but it also converts into a mini food processor (great for small batches) and it has a whisk attachment. Seriously, is there anything it can’t do?
  7. This Philips Wake Up light isn’t cheap, but I do love it. You can set the time you want to wake up and it simulates a sunrise to help you gently wake up. If you’re not a morning person (but your life requires you to be one) then you should definitely look into one of these. They do make cheaper ones that would probably still do the trick. These are especially handy during the cold winter mornings when the sun never seems to come up.

What’s on your wishlist?


  1. I’m crushing on all the stuff on this list, especially the Vegetarian cookbook and the leggings. Something on my wishlist…I really want a Garmin running watch, but they’re so expensive 🙁

  2. My immersion blender broke last year and I was so sad! That thing is a game changer when it comes to making soup and I used it for smoothies all the time too. I want one of those wake up lights SO badly! Maybe I’ll ask for one this year.

  3. Great ideas…I’ve been trying to think of “healthier gifts” this holiday season, so your post was very helpful.

  4. This is random but I feel like you you would be able to help with an inexpensive food processor gift? I need to buy one but don’t know where to start. The person doesn’t need a vitamix, just something simple and basic.

  5. Those crops are so cute from Lululemon! I really like the new crops they have with the side pockets to stuff things in. Great for putting in gels in while running!

  6. Great ideas! I’m loving all these gift guides not only for gift ideas but for ideas when my mom or people as me what I want and I never have a clue.

  7. I totally dig old navy workout gear. I also love my lulu stuff. I tend to do trendier things from Old Navy so I don’t feel bad if I get sick of them easily!

  8. I am intrigued by the wake up light! And no you can never have too many leggings

  9. love my fitbit alta as well. the ability to change bands easily and the options of super cute bands sold me. also have to second old navy for workout clothes. they are fabulous and very affordable!

  10. The earphones are such a great idea. I really like listening to music on runs but fiddling around to adjust the earphones every few minutes takes away some of the fun.
    Actually, my wishlist isn’t really existent as of yet. I wouldn’t mind my mum sewing me another pair of PJ pants, though. They’re just so comfy and cute.

  11. i need that pair of shoes!!! i am back on using my fitbit.

  12. I love the idea of getting a wake up light but then it’ll make sleeping in harder! LOL!

  13. I loved my immersion blender until it broke. 🙁 I should really get another one. And I should get that wake up light for my daughters!!

  14. I have that immersion blender too, love it! I used it to make my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes last week and it was awesome.

  15. I love everything on this list!! Esp the lululemon leggings! Can never get enough workout/ everyday leggings to slide into

  16. Great ideas. I love that your list is so inclusive of whole living health and fitness.

  17. One of my employees swears by that light. I sleep with a mask because any extraneous light wakes me up, but she swears it has really helped her sleep cycle.

  18. i love this post – definitely pinning a few of these items for my holiday wishlist pinterest board! I’ve been looking for good headphones for tiny ears – i’ll have to check these out. thanks!

  19. Great ideas!! I really want the Eat Smart cookbook! It’s all gluten free vegan recipes!

  20. That wake up light has me browsing for some now!! What a great idea 😉 I have to admit, I like the “bedtime” part of the clock app on Apple. The new alarm sounds are gradual like birds and stuff!

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