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This week has been a little crazy. Alex and my dad are remodeling our bathroom which means right now, we have no bathroom. As a result, we’ve been spending a couple of nights at my parent’s house. It’s almost like we’re visiting from out of town for Thanksgiving šŸ˜‰ As a result of the house chaos, I haven’t really been cooking much.

After I left my parent’s house and got back home, I had a lot of work to do so I didn’t have time to make much of a breakfast. I just grabbed a quick bowl of cereal.


I had a lot of work stuff going on so I spent most of the morning on the phone. In between meetings I snacked on a few clementines.


I grabbed a bag of these over the weekend and I’ve been eating them like crazy. I was battling a mild cold over the weekend so I was using it as an excuse to snack on these.

All of the sudden I realized it was almost 2:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I grabbed one of my go-to frozen meals.

trader joe's black bean corn

I actually really like these enchiladas. There not really anything special but they have a good flavor and a decent amount of protein.

Once Alex and my dad were done with the renovations, we packed up and headed back to my parent’s house for dinner. We had pizza from Leonardo’s which was really good. The veggie pizza was loaded with veggies.

While my mom and I hung out in the kitchen, she whipped up these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, which were delicious.

I will be in the kitchen today, prepping a dish for the Thanksgiving table! My wonderful sister in law is hosting and the menu sounds absolutely amazing. I’m just contributing this butternut squash and wild rice salad to the mix! I’m so excited to spend the day with family tomorrow!

What do you eat on busy days?

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  1. I always love pizza but especially lately, it’s our go to dinner when I am just too busy to cook! have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Yep – these eats look pretty similar to mine on a busy, run-around day. But I don’t always get treated to pizza with my parents (but would usually just take myself out for a slice), so I’m glad you got this bonus! Pizza, frozen meals and cereal are perfect no fuss, quick options. And delicious. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a lovely with your family!

  3. Cereal is definitely my go to on busy/stressful days too! I think it gives me a certain amount of comfort because I used to eat it so much as a kid. Those clementines look delicious – I’ll have to pick up a bag when I’m at the store next!

  4. Pizza and cereal on busy days sounds about right to me too! I rely a lot on Panera’s rapid pick-up since it’s right across the street from my work. Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully your house will be back to normal soon!

  5. I typically pack a lot of snacks on days I’m busy. Working in retail, you never really know what could happen so it’s better to be able to snack.

  6. We definitely usually have shakes, granola bars, and pizza on busy days. Good luck with your remodel! And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. No bathroom is no bueno. But if it means spending more time with your family that’s a major upside. It’s great that your parents’ move to Richmond made this possible – and also simplyfying holiday get-togethers.
    All of your meals sound delicious. I wish we had good frozen vegetarian/vegan meals for days like that over here. As we don’t I really need to up my meal prep game again. Speaking of which: I finally got around to measuring my fridge as you asked about it :D. It’s 80 cm [31-32 inches] from bottom to top
    I hope you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. oatmeal choc chips are one of my faves too! Hope you are feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Glad you were able to spend some extra time with your family,,,and had a bathroom! haha! That enchilada looks good–i havent tried that one. Always nice to have a quick idea that you can just heat up. Pizza and cookies are always a winner!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving! šŸ˜€

  10. Love these types of posts! So fun!

  11. We do eat pizza every Friday–both of us are just too tired to cook and it’s become kind of a tradition! But the rest of the week, I plan meals and we eat well.

  12. Busy days it all depends but I have my go to Go Macro Bars, green juices, smoothies, fruits, veggies, ect. Loving Cuties right now, as is my family! Remodeling this time of year is crazy. Last Thanksgiving we were down one of our bathrooms, the whole main level was being remodeled from the day after Halloween until the week before Christmas with some other remodeling going on around the house but everything cleaned out of the main floor including the whole kitchen. I had a lot of bars, yogurt parfaits, fruits, veggies, and a lot more eating out and some nights of cereal.

  13. I love butternut squash and wild rice salads! Those are some of my fall favorites! I also love dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies- yum!! Hope you have a great holiday season!

  14. if im eating at home, its usually egg with toast or something easy like that..otherwise, i live really really close to restaurants so its just easier to eat out. have a lovely time with your loved ones.

  15. For busy days I usually always stick with what is easy – yogurt and cereal, quick and simple salads and lots of veggies and dip. I find quick and easy snacks the best way for me to stay the most productive. And House renovations are the worst!!

  16. That cookie looked great! I remember when we were remodeling our two bathrooms. We had to run to the store to use the restroom! Don’t even ask what we did when we remodeled the kitchen. LOL The stove sat in the living room for a couple days!

  17. Good luck with the Renos! I’m sure it will be beautifiul and well worth it once it’s completed!

  18. I meal prep for busy weeks so I busy weeks are really no different than not so busy weeks.

  19. I remember when I used to TEAR THROUGH Clementines like it was my job – however, I would ONLY suck the juice out of them! haha!

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